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    Local Orange Habaneros -first 7 people

    Im down to grow some. thanks
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    Hola from Shiner texas

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    I buy pepper seeds

    It doesn't look as if you can actually send anything to Russia legally. this is the list from Fedex... Russia Import Prohibitions Acids Air Rifles Artwork, Commercial BB Guns Batteries, Haz Bearer Documents Bio Products, Haz Bio Products, Non-Haz Birth, Death, Wedding Certificates Checks...
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    iBurn is in the house!

    :welcome: I burn ! H Town!  :onfire:  
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    little peppers from Mexico

     +1 pequin.
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    What pepper is this?!

    Maybe a RED Chocolate Scorpion  :rofl: 
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    greenhouse Cheap mobile greenhouse from lowes.

    I would say shop light T lights    [/media]
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    greenhouse Cheap mobile greenhouse from lowes.

      Here is a video with some basic tips
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    greenhouse Cheap mobile greenhouse from lowes.

    This one? the shelfs are junk and the post pop out. I would say 70 to 80 or around there should be good.
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    for-sale Box of fresh pods for sale **SOLD**

    sell me both BB7's for 10$ BP
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    Steve and I try my Bubblegum 7 pot

    Nothing to mess around with lol
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    free WIN FREE SEEDS ----> Guessing game <----

    1. Poblano 2. Jalapeno 3. Habanero 4. Serrano 5. Cascabella  6. Fresno 7. Hungarian Wax
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    Greetings From Texas

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    Don Lava Farm 2013 Grow Log