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  • I did not, but i'll check it out. Good to know. I'll have to fake it i suppose. And it's John btw. :)
    Hey fine, did you watch the video of the pie making? Basically it's just get your pie mix (beef, chicken, ox heart, whatever) and mix an insane amount of Naga paste into it. No secret really ;)
    I need to do the same for the lagering. I'm guessing early that my soon to be mother in law's basement back door area might be a good spot. Has to be about 55 degrees in the winter i'd bet.

    Pliny is worth it. The young sample we had was absolutely stunning. Everything was spot on and can only improve in 2-3 weeks time.
    Pliny The Elder....probably going to do it in a few brews. Up next is my Christmas Ale, then my Barleywine, ten after that I'll probably do the Pliny....we'll see.

    I'm going to take some temperature readings around the house and my friend's house this winter. Trying to find an acceptable place to stick a fermentor for Lagers....
    I am glad you liked them, bro!! With the help of the Aerogarden I am doing quite well with the first round of seeds... I need to post pics!
    Been so busy. Waiting patiently for the hot weather to arrive----
    so i just sent you a message saying i owuld send you money for shipping not even thinking about it. Um kinda feel dumb but i just realized wat sase is so yeah read the message just minus the sending money part. :)
    Cool, I mail you a SASE less a stamp with a $1 bill inside.
    Unfortunately, you'll have to queue ( que ) for a stamp and lick it,,yuk and then post me some seeds if you have them. I was interested in the mystery 5 colour and anything else that has unusual pods or very hot. Already have Red Sav Hab, Jolokia, Thai Bird, Black Pearl and a few mysteries as well. Can e-mail me at for more secure details exchange. But it's up to you, your call mate.
    And thanks for the prompt reply.
    I'd Love some of your seeds. At no expence to you. I have a few US bills around from my travels if you don't mind licking the stamp for me,,,
    Absolutely! Oak Tree Liquors! Oak Tree Road in South Plainfield. It's a Buy Rite, but it's ranked #3 in the country. 2nd to that is Joe Canal's on Route 1 south in Woodbridge. Both are within 10min of each other. Oak Tree is my preferred place.
    Question for you sir. My buddy lives down in Toms River and was asking if there's any decent beer stores near by you. He has relatives in Woodbridge and Edison so he's up there all the time, so travelings not an issue.

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