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  • It hit 100 degrees in Phoenix today, first time this year :( ... While 1/2 this forum is worried about frost dates I have the opposite problem. Have a feeling its gonna be a hot one this year.
    its 60 here by the beach in San diego! SUCKS just 3 miles up the road it was almost 80!
    Hey just got yours today and thank you.# was only expecting 1 type.Keep in touch. Thanks bud Rich
    Just got the seeds in the mail Rich, thanks again. I can't wait to grow them. I hope you enjoy the return package :P
    1/2 the people on THP are starting to worry about frost, I'm still worried the midday sun and 100+ temps are going to burn my plants... Why cant we just all have LA climate...
    exactly! the harvests are just getting good here. no cold weather for a while.
    Hey enjoy the seeds.If you do want yellow try arijer.Just finished a trade with them and they offered yellow fat`s.Just a note to you. Bye R
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