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    Sell Without Handling Product

    The one thing that comes to mind is the Fulfillment by Amazon route. Have a co-packer make the sauce, a distributor to hold the product/deliver to amazon's warehouse, then sell those products through amazon and link to those products on your website.
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    marketing Good T-Shirt websites?

    Damn thanks for the help! I suppose I didn't think about all the other sizes which clearly adds up. This might be something we have to wait on but I think the advertising potential is worth it in the long run. People find the shirt in their closet one day, then go "oh yeah, I need more sauce"...
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    marketing Good T-Shirt websites?

      Thanks, I'll keep your guy on the backburner for the future! I'm only thinking 5-10 for now to see how it goes.
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    marketing Good T-Shirt websites?

    The customink website that Joyners suggested looks pretty good. We used Uber Prints before and they turned out great. Just trying to find a good website to print them out at a decent cost. Some of the online sites I've tried were quite expensive..But as you guys suggested it depends on the...
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    marketing Good T-Shirt websites?

    Ahhh thanks!! I'm not actually interested in printing our own as we don't have the time with all the sauce making!   I was simply curious what people thought about offering them for sale at events, and a decent place to order them online. I could have worded that better in the OP.
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    marketing Good T-Shirt websites?

    Not really sure where this post falls under so throwing it in the business section.   I'm looking into making some t-shirts to sell. From what I've seen t-shirts don't seem very profitable at all, but really just to get the brand out there. Curious to see what others think about offering them...
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    Win a bottle of Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper) - <a...

    Win a bottle of Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper) - <a href="" rel='nofollow external' class="su_links"></a>
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    Sinister Craze Giveaway!!

    To celebrate the launch of our newest sauce, Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper) we are giving away a bottle to a lucky winner.   The giveaway is going on right now through Facebook. We're using the gleam widget which is pretty cool because you actually gain more entries (increasing your...
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    Sinister Craze (Raspberry Chocolate Reaper)

    My wife and I spent a lot of time fine tuning this sauce into what it has become. We wanted to create THE premiere dessert sauce that would be amazing on every dessert imaginable but versatile enough to go on other foods too. Breakfast lovers will enjoy this on pancakes, waffles, scones...
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    legal Legal Sauce -vs- Hobby Sauce

    Great post! Personally cutting corners is not an option for us. Even if we skirt by every month, I dread when the insurance comes knocking. It's a big chunk of change, but it's necessary to have. If someone gets sick tasting a sauce, trips over your tent at an event, (or who knows what) you need...
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    labels do i need to submit label for fda approval

    It's different in every state. In VA:   After our sauces are approved by our process authority, we have to submit a form to our contact at the FDA along with an image of our labels, who then determines if our labels are acceptable (proper info on the labels, ingredients, wording, etc. If not...
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    Any luck at the farmers market?

      You can use reapers and still be considered mild. It's all about quantity. So use whatever peppers you want! People hear "Ghost Peppers", "Reapers", and freak out because they heard "stories". Our ghost pepper sauce is considered more of an entry level ghost pepper sauce, and it would be mild...
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    bottles-jars Hot Filling with Plastic Bottle

      Exactly this! You've got to be dead on 180-181F for those bottles not to melt! Anything higher and that's all she wrote! Very tough doing it by hand!   We'll stick with glass ;/
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    The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

      Thank you! Congrats to all the winners!