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  • Actually, I'm taking a break from them right now. I'm gonna let things heal up for a while before I start eating chiles again...
    It's going according to plan. They have been doing some work on my small intestine (my colon was removed a couple of years ago) so it'll be a few months before everything is healed and "settled in". I just have to be careful about what I eat and be fairly close to a bathroom now;)
    Not as well as I hoped - hence the 18 days that where supposed to be four;)

    Moving is fun. After you are done...
    I had surgery so I spent 18 days in the hospital, then visiting some relatives, now I'm moving to a new place so I'll just pop in from time to time from my parents computer. Give me a week and everything will be back to normal:lol:
    there was no throwdown scheming!! i really thought the chocolate pasta would take it down on the grounds of creativity :) cant believe some people are getting so worked up about TB taking it down!
    that sucks about your plants!! but I agree - junk pot plants seem to go so much better! i think thats going to be half of my plan for next season.. chuck em in and see how they go :) all is good here - apart from the damn sun going into hiding!! daylight savings has finished so it feels like i'm getting an extra hours sleep in the morning :)
    hey matey,

    hows it going? is it getting cooler in brisvegas yet?? its definitely cooling down here... i've got some pods on my scotch bonnet that are turning yellow and they're not even as big as a 5c piece! are you sacrificing plants over winter or going to properly overwinter them? i'm planning on sacrificing most and trying with a couple...

    hope all is well :)
    I am still at work, boooooooooo. Nearly beer o clock though just another half an hour or so :D
    Hey buddy,
    What made u think I am offended.

    I am totally at ease and no offence felt from friends.

    lemme get my dirty hands on you for wishing me more burns.....LOL

    It is ok otherwise.
    Take care baby.

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