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  • Hey buddy,

    Thanks for remembering this ol'goat.
    It is ok as far as I am in Bangalore.
    I will go north in April.
    Then it is going to be smokin hot.

    What else is happening with ya?
    long service leave is definitely an ace up your sleeve! i wish i had that option!! oh well.. doesnt matter.. only six weeks till i change jobs so the countdown is on!! tellin ya what though.. i'm looking forward to half the travel time!
    I'm so jealous that you're still on holidays!! at least the weekend is coming up soon... holidays always go so quickly.. last year i had all of march off and it went so quickly.. i wish i had a delorian and could go back to this time last year.. would be in thailand drinking cocktails and thai beer!
    Now I'm wide awake when I should be in bed. It is almost 1am. I'm too lazy to clean the pot to make coffee! I could go midget wrestling but not with Pippy! Must play nice with other board members.
    yeah it is quiet.. i'd say it'll start getting noisier towards the end of the week.. thursday is the unofficial start of the weekend :D you still on holidays?
    The board seems eerily quiet. What happened to our more vocal late night crew? It is only 12am. Time for a coffee break.
    Yeah, it was bad. I had surgery on my foot in December and have just now gotten out of the cast. They removed and moved tendons and bones around. I think I still have another month and half off of work and therapy sucks! It is some of the most painfull shite that I have ever done, and for the most part it is what I'm doing to myself all in the name of recovery.
    I am currently a banged up cop going through physical therapy. I would have answered in the open forum, but last time I did that, I got quiet a lot of flack. Seems not many like cops around here. :lol:
    Get some good rest and then you can be prepared for a friday night of drinking!! no plans for tomorrow night and a cruisey weekend so I expect to see you here!
    Yeah i don't give a toss what he eats i just think that it is funny to worship a cow.
    From the veggie thread and NJA stating his dis-pleasure about eating beef! Cow is like my mum? C'mon!!
    My father was in India once and saw a man beating a cow, trying to get it to walk. He was all like "hey buddy what are you doing, you are beating one of your gods! " Of coarse old mate would have been all like "wtf is he saying"!? :lol:
    wow buddy. it sure is a leggy one.

    You should be getting a lot of them hot gunturs with a diff aroma soon.

    Waitin for more reports.

    I am in Boston visiting my daughter.

    Will be back in Detroit on Monday.
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