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    preservation Drying frozen peppers?

    Has anyone tried drying thawed frozen peppers? How does it compare to dried fresh? It looks like I have more peppers than my dehydrators can keep up with so while I'm building more I'm wondering if I can freeze the fresh ones until I can dry them. Note that end goal is powders. If nobody else...
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    trade-show Hot Sauce Expo

    @PapaCaps Thank you for sharing your experience! We're going to NC's Hot Sauce Festival in a month, and your report from yours is very encouraging! (Looks like the Dragon candies need a little more love next few weeks)
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    Hellfire Farm 2022

    Been harvesting some over the last couple weeks - some good amounts of the Cherry "Time Bomb" peppers and the green peppers (Jalapeno & Anaheim). Super-hots started setting last week. Here's today's haul Clockwise from top left (most of you probably will recognize most without the list): Time...
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    Hello from NC!

    Howdy neighbor, from Franklin county!
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    PaulG 2022

    My hot peppers are doing fine, but my tomatoes and bell peppers are only just now starting to set any fruit. Never run into that before. I'm hearing similar stories all over. Just a weird year all around.
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    sales Too many peppers!

    I'm building some rather large drying towers for the main harvest, just not so sure about the jalapenos. Although you just reminded me that with a little smoke I now have chipotles so maybe that's the way to go with them. No-heat chipotle could be interesting...
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    Hatch chili time!

    There's something about Hatch. 'nuff said.
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    sales Too many peppers!

    Ok, I know, I planted a LOT of peppers. The only problem is that while I have a plan for most of them, I never actually thought through how I was going to handle more jalapenos than I could sell. I also have WAY too many "Fooled You" heatless jalapenos. The biggest problem is that it looks...
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    Hellfire Farm 2022

    Thank you! I'm really enjoying walking through the field lately!
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    New flower bed

    And beans, and corn, and peppers, and herbs, and ... They've been absolutely crazy this year.
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    Hellfire Farm 2022

    Fields of green And here's the "usual" view down those same rows
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    What's ailing my squash?

    So no SVB looks like, and no nodules either when I pulled it. BUT, the roots were really small for that size of a plant. As in, the root clump was about the size of a large coffee cup. Didn't look like anything got to them, just didn't grow. It's in the same planter as some others, but I'm...
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    smokers So I was looking for a Grill

    First two pics are what you're looking at? $300 is a good deal for that model. I have their reverse-flow smoker, works great as both a grill and smoker, gets a LOT of use around here!
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    hot-sauce Whatcha gonna do?

    Most Mexican restaurants I haunt (not many) tend to have Valentina which is what I'll use if they have it. I don't recall being in one (even here in NC) that didn't have at least one option other than those two. Not sure what I would do. Maybe like THP suggests...
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    What's ailing my squash?

    I checked all the way down to the roots, and along the step & leaves - no holes.