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  • looking 4 sum seeds of dry pepper from different areas of the world if u can please
    take a look at my profile 4 what ill trade thx
    Got your e-mail and thank you for answering.I`m currently growing EVERY SEED I HAVE.I`ve got over 2,000 plants going now.I`m tryin g to get a base of everyone who has helped me or i`ve sent seeds.Trying to stay loyal .I would @@@@ for a couple berebre seeds but i`m not trying that.I`ll be posting my 2010 fall seed list shortly and would like to have you in the easy.
    Hey How`s it going?Real quick to all that have helped me or i`ve sent to.I`m a lazy basta@d and do not want to type a bunch of e-mail.My e-mail is`ve got my updated grow list -- seeds and plants to share with everyone .Have a great night and sorry to bother you. Rich
    Hey would be glad to get help!Thanks a bunch for your answer!Really app it.I`ve got appx 2000 plants going .I am now finding out what seeds I had are shot.What I would love to find and pay backs this fall are:
    bereber ! I luv etheopian food! spell check please
    any JSB`s i`m not picky
    I`ll post this weekend my current...
    Hey Huntz- did some pm'n and got some info. The orange is a "fogo"(?) Don't know much about it yet, gonna dig around more. Gonna crash right now, but'll get ya a PM tomorrow evenin'!
    Actually, I had a weird orange one sorta like the left come out of a different variety on the exact same order- sendin' PM!
    None! I sent ya a few out of a bag of ten that was a bonus from a seed order. Planted two seeds here last year, none made it. Still have the leftovers, but the variety didn't make the cut this year. I'm allegedly downsizing this year.
    Same 'ol crap!

    Lookin at a couple ripening black pearls. A preliminary test batch will be sent out very soon!
    Gday mate !
    Thanks a heap for the seeds !
    Did you get my package ?

    You have givin me 2 surprise packs ?? Can I know what species so I know where to place it in the grow line up ?
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