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    seeds Low germination rates from a particular vendor

    Was the vendor overseas ? IT is possible the seeds received radiation during inspection if they were shipped internationally and had to come through customs.
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    seeds Too late to start seeds

    Probably to late to start and get many pods this year ( might get a few to ripen before it gets too cold) - but if you overwintered plants last year it is definitely not too late to plant and overwinter to get an early start next year !
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    breeding Cross pollination?

      Unless he grew both the same way last year and the seeds he planted this year were from a pod that crossed last year.  :lol:    But yeah cross pollination does not effect this years growth - it will only show up in the plants from the seeds in the pod that was crossed when they are grown in...
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    New here- I'm growing Carolina Reapers and they are growing weirdly...

      Doubt you'll get one -- The reason they sell them is because by the time you grow them out enough to find out they are not the real thing it's too late to get a refund since too many days have passed - and usually it is too late to leave feedback to let others know even so they get good...
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    Roots surfacing!

    Fairly normal for them to grow to the surface plus if you are top watering the soil is probably compacting some causing more to be exposed as the season goes on - Usually will not hurt the plant since they have plenty more roots under the soil and those that are exposed will just harden around...
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    chinense Ghost Pollination

    WHat's the weather like where you are at ?? -- in temps above 90 - 100 F many of the flowers will be infertile (no pollen) due to the heat when forming o flower drop is pretty normal best bet is to just keep the plant healthy and once you get a stretch of cooler weather it will set pods.
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    Thats what happens when you start reading and posting about the DEA !!

    Thats what happens when you start reading and posting about the DEA !!
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    heat wave moving in. what to do?

      Mostly in containers kept on the back porch that is covered so they get mostly indirect sun - and pretty much need to be watered once a day - If in the Sun they need a couple mistings to keep them from suffering.   Jalapenos and Bishops crowns keep producing but the Chinenses definitely drop...
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    heat wave moving in. what to do?

    You call that a Heat wave ?? We've had a total of 2 days this month were the high didn't hit 95 and 6 days it was over 105 - Sitting at 92 right now at 10PM
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    Sugar Rush Peach Pepper...NOT

    Yep - Pablano pepper -- Not all bad thouigh as they make great Chiles Rellenos !
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    About my "carolina reaper plants"

    Definitely not a reaper -- It's some sort of Annum not a chinense   From the pod shape in the pics you posted perhaps some form of cayenne pepper
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    sun Plants in full sun throughout the day

    I would also suggest moving just a couple for a few days and see how they do - that way if they aren't ready for it or get too much you only risk a couple plants and not the entire grow !
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    water Help! Underwatering, Overwatering, Heat Stress?!?

      The ones that survived should be fine - just be sure if placing them near a window for some sun that they will not be getting directly hit with the light coming through the window - as the window can act like a magnifying glass and if the sun is at the right angle can fry the little guys in a...
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    The Great "Evidence for Topping (or not)" Thread

    Another thing to try and keep consistent is the amount of Light the plants are getting - so having that many plants might cause some problems with location - So if having to locate plants in different areas that get different light/shade hours it would be best to keep the numbers in each...
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    does anybody know the name of this pepper in English?

      Here's a pic of one I grew back in 2012