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  • Yo! Yo! Yo!!! Whats up?? Well NJA is sending me the sauce soon!! YAY And plus some seeds so i can grow some chilis that he says I will like I am SOOOO Excited!!! :D
    Spectacular! I don't know where you found Gaby Justin but you have a real gem there!
    Gaby your bravery shows no bounds! I have guys here at work that literally take a few steps back when i offer them anything hot, let alone BARRACKPORE AND NAGA POWDER! I am really glad that you guys took the time to make the video too thats just awesome! :D Cant get the smile off my face, rock on chilli fiends!
    t all depends upon how big the batch is.
    Last time, I made over 1 .5 litres of sauce. Some of it went to my friend in Ohio and rest lasted me for two months.
    I made a small batch of 500 ml this month beginning and I am already seeing the bottom of the bottle..

    Unlike Americans, who use sauces directly in their cooking, I do not use it directly. I eat it with my breakfast and add to my rice or eat it as a chutney with my dinners.
    Woot! Glad to hear that the powders got there safe Justin, when Gabby gets home give her some of the Barrackpore powder, that stuff is insane! :hell:
    Hey Justine,

    Saw your vid just now.
    Its good buddy.


    What would you say to my Mach 7 Dead mouth sauce? I don't know but when I make a new batch, I will remember you.
    I just watched your vid brother and i must say that you two did very well, most people would be hopping around but you guys were very composed.
    I hope that this is the start of many more reviews :D
    Alright the powders are on their way mate, in there you will find-

    Choc Hab
    Trinidad Scorpion
    Douglah 7-pod
    Barrackpore 7-pod
    Naga Jolokia

    *the yellow one is a mix, mostly contains Bonda Ma Jacques and Fatalii's but also has some Yellow 7-pod and Yellow Congo in there as well.
    That should get you burning nicely :)
    Hey Jus when you get chance send me your addy again, i have 6 different kinds of powder that i want to send your way. :)
    Good to hear that you like the Yellow 7 Turkey Slap bro! Try it with oysters before you run out :D
    I don't remember seeing a thread like that bro. Maybe you could start one ;)
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