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  • Woah!! Left hand throttle!! I never even thought of that! And with the right hand shift...it's almost like driving an old 4 speed chevelle around!
    Thanks buddy. When I make a large batch, I would remember to send you some. The problem is getting Bhuts.
    My stock of frozen bhuts is running out .
    I must wait till August to get fresh stock.
    Cost of mailing and some of the ingredient is too much.
    But we will work ut something.
    On a scale of ten, how would you rate this sauce.
    Compared to established brands like, xyz, fgyr, etc, where does this sauce stand.
    If you tabulate the properties and give a review, it would be wondrful.
    Thanks buddy and Gabby.
    I am really obliged to both of you and Gabriella for wonderful review.
    What I would suggest is, in future, you can give a review point wise.
    For example,
    Color, Texture, Flavor, Taste, Heat,
    How it would taste, ie, salty, Sour, sweet,
    What ingredients stand out ie, Onion, Garlic, Spices, etc.
    How would you recommand the sauce, ie, with grilled steak, chicken, po...
    The sauce is exactly as I had planned it to be. I am happy that Gabby had two helpings and your dad liked it.
    I was pretty sure that you would have difficulty in identifying the ingredients.
    This is because it has all Indian/Asian ingredients.
    I would love to hear more from you on its taste with different foods.
    Thank you and Gabby for...
    No worry man. You need not do anything for me .
    I am rewarded when I hear review from people
    who taste my recipes .
    Just enjoy.
    I am much relieved that it reached safely.
    No . You need not worry too much about HEAT. I am sure you would be happy with the heat part.
    I am most concerned with the oriental flavor part.
    I have done a judicious work on flavoring it with correct amount of heat.
    You should be able to enjoy this sauce with anything like sizzling steak...
    I lost your address by freaky deletion.
    Please rush me your address.
    You can email me at hkrtrivedi@gmail.com
    Please rush.
    Hemant aka NJA
    Whats up you two. Good luck with your vid tests. Hope you savor the moment through the burn :) You only get to experience that first sting once haha
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