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  • klyth,
    I am planning to make the next batch of "DEAD MOUTH" sauce. Can you review it?
    If yes, where do I send the sauce?
    Muc obliged

    Thanks for the great review! I understand about the labels and that has been adjusted since the batch I sent to you. Much more readable and catching as far as the lettering and the fire has been dulled a tad.

    just let me know and I would gladly send you another bottle. i will also send you our newest sauce that seems to be the new favorite. It is a Smoked habanero honey mustard sauce that has a base of our MRWBHS, horseradish and the fore mentioned smoked habs.

    Thanks again!
    I noticed that our review is coming up next, I think. I thought I read it in the last review of Chronic Pain. i hope you are enjoying the sauces so far!
    Not yet kmumaw. I review these products in the order I receive them, so I have some catching up to do before I get to yours.

    I do the reviews as fast as I can, but I typically like to use a product for at least a week before I even begin the review. Just FYI. I promise I'll get to it ASAP.
    Thank you for reviewing my salsa. You stated that it was sweet to you. The sweetness comes from natural sugars in the bells, onions, garlic and vinegar. None is added. Also you said that it a little "vinegary" It does break down some after several months. It was sent earlier this Summer. If you'd like I'd love to send you some more that has just been made if you'd like to give it another try. Up to you. Thanks again. Ron
    Why thank you! You’re definitely the most handsome green lobster I’ve ever seen. ;)
    Hi Klyth,

    It would be an honour for you to review my new Naga Snakebite sauce - 'Pure Venom' 6.4m SHU Edition

    I have sent a bottle to the following address:

    Kyle Cross
    PO Box 1651
    RI 02901-1651
    ATTN: The Hot Pepper Reviews

    Whats its like? Well my Vindaloo/Phall curry loving friend liked it to peeling off all the skin form your lips and then drinking a boiling hot cup of tea!!
    Im sure you won't be disappointed but personally i think its almost inedible and for the serious hot sauce heads only.

    After your review of the Naga Snakebite 'Private Reserve', Ive took your (and other Hot Pepper mememners) comments on board and have improved the Private Reserve recipie (a very very hot sauce but one which us 'mere mortals' can use) making it even hotter, but have thinned it out to make it much smoother and easier to pour.

    I will be entering both sauces in your Hot Pepper Awards when the window opens on July 15th. I missed last years competition. Would the rivate Reserve have been in with a shout?

    As an amateur 'hobbist' sauce maker, this will be my third commercial sauce (all proceeds going to hosting/web design fees for the chileman site) and I really hope you like the Pure Venom.

    Fingers crossed

    man you must have wrote one hell of a review....i am proud of you...it would be so fun to be an official reviewer since I have to pay for all the sauce I review...you rock man!
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