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  • Hey buddy, your seeds got through!!!!!!
    I don't believe it I through you may have been tagged into their system and this clearly means that you're not!!!!
    I'll have a lot of new types to grow next season and will be looking for you around harvest time. Check in anytime to see how things are growing.
    Take care, Jack
    The wife thinks they may have you tagged in their system. I would use another return address to throw the sent off. I have a line on a few other variants to complement the one you have. If all grows well I’ll have seeds available next season too.
    Douglah x Scorpion (Red)
    Douglah x Scorpion (Brown)
    We’ll figure it out – I don’t think what we d...
    Customs confiscated my seeds…I really wanted the "Douglah x Morouga" and "Giant White Habs". I hope my package made it safely to you. Got to use greeting cards, they work the best!!
    I have you order ready and will ship this week secured in a greeting card, it's the best way to avoid problems with customs. I've learn this trick from the best.
    looking 4 crazy hot seeds or dry pepper pods that would get me started i would luv 2 get my heands on sum from around the world im a newbie i thx you
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