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  • I wasn't able to grow anything in 2013 do to extensive house reconstruction. 2014 will be a different story - one of death and destruction that I'll be calling "Murderers Row".
    Welcome back Jack !!!!
    Sounds hot!
    This time around it's time to play god in a big way!! I'll post my 2014 grow list in the next few weeks. I'm probably looking at no more than 75 plants , but nothing less than the ultra highend heaters.
    I see your having a great season Jack plants and pods are looking fantastic!
    Stoppin by to show my wife your crazy seed list, making sure to say HI this time :D
    Hope all is well
    tried but not happy by this comp. lol So did you buy into a 45 yr old adopte? DADDDDDDDD!
    Ok quick techhhhy note.If I want to pick up on good comment how do you snag it and post it to your page? Thanks yet another dummy!
    Ok try again but have yellow and choc here with a few red but can have red within 10 days.yall got me chasing my tail and it still stinks! lol
    lol working on about 60 types now.My 2 finger typing just ain`t hitting it . :)
    Ok getting big hips here but safe to say you are in on the red savina / fatalii cross from justaguy? Let me know if not. Rich
    Not bad but trying to catch up here.Ok hey lando try to help him.I like the spain local big time!
    Dude! just saw your chili fields pictures thats a really nice setup you have there :)
    Leave it up to engineers to not take half measures :P What's your harvest total at the end of season? bet it's a ton or more. Judging from your seedlist they are all superhots "Chili heaven" excellent!
    Good to hear from ya Jack. xmas tree business? been working like crazy my friend. PM on the way
    OK it`s getting serious here?406 and still no tag team! Yall are just evil ! How can I ever defend myself :)
    Ok 330 and not being taking out be the vermont crew! lol I feel so alone. Now off to message your help!
    Ok if you can see her She ain`t covert but a trap! Watch the tree line :)
    Well good have 15 seeds coming this way and will forward to you- like you need many more lol
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