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    You make a good point, lol 😂
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    Been out of the loop for a while and I haven’t kept up with the “vendor drama” in a long time, lol. Not sure who’s a scumbag and who’s reputable anymore. I know that some of the old vendors who had crappy reputations are under new ownership and are trying turn that around, and others, that used...
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    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    Hopefully I will, bud! 🍻 I got the barrel for free from the shop at work (glass company), and there’s literally an unlimited supply of them. They’re absolutely flawless. Zero scratches or dents, and the insides are IMMACULATE. They were used to hold caulk but the caulk was inside of a plastic...
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    travel The Great 2021 StettoMoveBlog

    After a little hiatus (see: more overtime at work than I can even handle, lol), I finally got caught up on your expedition 👍🏻 Glad to hear everything eventually worked out, bud! A few hiccups, here and there, but you and your darlin’ bride made it safely, and I’m glad to hear it! Hopefully...
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    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    Finally pulled the trigger and bought some air intake pipes. Hopefully I can get around to starting this project soon! I’ve been talking about doing it for years, lol 🍻
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    recipe Post your hot sauce recipes

    I absolutely love the color that this sauce came out and it sounds delicious! 🍻
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    misc How do you create your recipes?

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with weird flavor combinations! This is one of my favorite tasting hot sauces I’ve ever had, and the ingredients list (to me) is BONKERS, lol 😳 Seriously, look at this ingredients list: Coffee? Orange? Hibiscus? Peaches? Tomatoes? Bananas? Easily one of...
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    What's your funniest hot sauce story?

    Not hot sauce, but… I was at a picnic at a buddy’s house a few Summers ago, and we talked my buddy’s brother into eating about 1/4 of a fresh Reaper pod. 15 minutes later, the dude is writhing on the ground, salivating, teary eyed, etc. The whole nine. So, my buddy cuts a 7 Pot Douglah pod in...
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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

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    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    ST. LOUIS TRIMMED PORK SPARE RIBS Seasoned with a base layer of Kosmo’s Q “Dirty Bird Hot” and a final layer of Kosmo’s Q “Honey Killer Bee” BBQ rubs. Glazed with Kosmo’s Q “Apple Cherry Habanero Rib Glaze.” Cooked on my Weber Smoky Mountain with cherry chunks. Look at those smiling “teeth” 😎...
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    I always wanted to make... BOOM!

    Thanks! Yeah, I usually see it labeled as “Osso Buco” in the meat cooler, but it’s already sliced into 1” thick pieces (roughly) for stew/braising. I asked the butcher if he had any that weren’t cut up yet and got lucky 👍🏻 It was $3.99/lb and the whole piece cost me $28 It was really good! I’m...
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    Everything Fried

    🔥BUFFALO / NASHVILLE (SPICED) FRIED CHICKEN BISCUIT SLIDERS 🐔 Trimmed and pounded flat, deboned chicken thighs, seasoned with a Nashville Hot rub from “Spiceology”. Dredged in egg wash then into Meat Church’s “Chicken Fried Breading” (also kicked up a notch with more Nashville rub)...
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    I always wanted to make... BOOM!

    BUMP! “I always wanted to make…” a “BEEF HAMMER” 🍖🔨🔥 This cut of meat is a bone-in beef rear hind shank. For anyone else who might be considering smoking this cut, you should know that it’s very lean, with a TON of silver skin, and a lot of tendons and ligaments in it. It also took MUCH...
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    Make your best taco.

    🔥 PRIME RIBEYE STEAK TACOS WITH SPICY PINEAPPLE PICO DE GALLO 🌶🍍🌮 Hit these two prime ribeye steaks with Hook’s “Mad Cow” BBQ rub, then threw them on the Kamado Joe at 275° until the I.T. was about 128°, then reverse seared them over direct heat, and let them rest under a foil tent for a few...
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    Pepper People are the Best

    I tried telling him that too. Not sure if he believes us though! 😉