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  • It was business, not fun. What are you recovering from? I'll tell you what I'm recovering from if you tell me!
    Im going to try it, first i will send it to Neil then get him to send it back after say three days without opening it. Should take about five to seven days in all. Great fucking idea brother!
    Fuck im stupid postibg on my own wall. Im an engineer but shit at electrics. I could get a led working no worries but what to use as a co2 o2 pack?
    Nah no new place yet, inspected another property today and it was weird as. Bad bad mojo i could feel something real strange around it. Sounds silly but i feel what i feel!
    Ya managed to find any salvia plants or seeds yet?
    Hey I was just checking out your pics, your hydro cup kinda confused me, you just have hydroton and water in that? No air or water movement?
    אני שמח לאללה לישמוע ממך אחי...נעלמת לנו באופן מיסתורי משהו:-)
    שבת שלום אחי:)...צודקת מל..
    באמת נעלמת לנו לאחרונה
    אני מקווה שהכל בסדר איתך
    hello :D.. why are you so quiet on this forum? have us crazy aussies scared you off from posting?i was under the impression you were a regular poster before you went silent for various reasons :D anyways.. hope the crazy aussies havent scared you off and all is well :D take care, mel
    תעזוב אותך בחייך...הבנאדם אולי התנהג כמו אידיוט אך אך לפי מיטב זיכרוני הוא גם
    הגן על יהודים באיזה פוסט מוקדם כך שאני לא ממש מתרגש מהבולשיט שיצא לו מהפה...
    מה חוצמזה...הכל בסדר אחי
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