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  • Where there's a will, there's a way...
    Thank you. :)

    I would just love the autumn to come early this year, I'm boiling in here. to me it seems as if the summer is longer and hotter each year.
    YOU, sir, can DO IT. Hang in there!

    On the other: move here. You will begin to miss summer.
    Thanks geeme!
    I'll consider it. ;)
    Thanks mate, that seems like a pretty good price. I will have to look around the net a bit more as the ebay sellers wanted about $15 for 200grams i think. Cheers!
    Lol ya get that on the hard jobs! Weird question but whats the price of shitake mushrooms like (dried) in isreal? I saw isreali shitakes for sale on ebay and i love them!
    Ya wanna do a seed swap? I got my seeds from and they were kind enough to send about 40 extra! Would be good to grow from two sources and see if there is anything different about the two.
    Everything is going pretty well, ma plants want warmer weather to come around so they can pop out of their little hybernation thing they are doing now! :P Hey have you ever thought about growing Goji berries? Ima give them a go this year but they are said to only produce on their second and successive years.
    Dude... not at all!
    We have so many natives around here, I collect most of my Acacia seed within 100 meters of my property so don't even think about offering me cash, I'd be more than happy to send you some. I'll pm you when I get a package together.
    Ok, shall do.
    Yeah, I have a massive amount Acacia seeds, what varieties, if any in particular, are you after?
    Naw, It's not the right time for them here.
    TBH, it isn't a great time for sowing Caapi either but I had little choice.
    Ipomea have a fairly long shelf-life I'd imagine?
    I lurv the new avatar. You dont sleep for long hey! I would sleep for at least 12 hours bombed outta my head! May your day be warm and bright my Isreali fiend.
    Thats not what wiki told me but it had two b's in shabbat. Make a difference? Lol good night mr Shuster.
    Shabat Shalom! I too love you and i am man enough to say it. Keep grinning compadre.
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