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    heat What is it like to actually eat a Carolina Reaper?

    If you can eat tomatoes and oranges, what you are describing probably isn't acid; it's cap cramps.
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    heat What is it like to actually eat a Carolina Reaper?

    First and last time I ate a whole reaper, I was surprised how much it burned in the throat and ears. If you eat small slices, it burns more in the front of mouth, not so much in the ears and throat. The worst part, by far, is what it does to your gut: cap cramps. It’s not unusual to wake up in...
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    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    CONGRATS @hotchipper!!!
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    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    It's a great superhot. It's a skunk red (7-Pot SR x MA Wartryx) backcrossed to MA Wartryx. There are red and chocolate variants, but I've never seen the red one in the flesh. Added bonus: it ripens pretty early for a superhot.
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    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    Bismark Chocolate 💀
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    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    Little late to the party…here’s a Peach X
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    pod Pepper Identification

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    pod Pepper Identification

    The golf ball looking flower buds make me more confident this is a C. annuum. I have not seen red padrons, but I have never grown padrons myself. The padrons I'm familiar with ripen to green. Of the peppers I've grown, Aleppo pods look the closest to the pods in your picture; sort of...
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    pod Pepper Identification

    The leaves and upright orientation of the pods make it seem like a C. annuum is the safe bet. Need better pics of the pods and flowers to make any guesses more detailed than that.
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    heat Hottest Landraces?

    Douglah from Chile Pepper Institute seed were the hottest landrace I've tried. It is quite floral/vegetal/woody, but that doesn't impact heat.   There is a difference in how different varieties burn. For example, Fatalii is not nearly as hot as a Douglah, but there is a painful, harsh component...
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    Naga Smooky frosted cotyledons

    The foliage looks just like the ones I grew last year. Super productive and beautiful plant. The flowers are a beautiful color. I thought they were pretty tasty actually, but pretty mild considering its thought to have Neyde and Naga genetics.
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    artwork label / logo feedback

    Salsa Lady's suggestions seem spot on to me.   Also, why not use a graphic that creates a Bohemian theme? Something evocative of Romani, Beats, natural living, starving artists, body odor :lol:   It would also potentially be nicer if you used an illustration instead of clip art, and put some...
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    10 yrs ago Chemistry project

    Hexane is a carcinogen and its not possible to dry completely. Hope you meant heptane or that did not try too much of the extract.
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    "Completely" dark purple cotyledons

    Doubt it's an issue with light/nutes. I've grown 4 varieties had completely purple cotyledons: Pimenta de Neyde, Naga Smooky Rainbow, 7JPN, and Sepia Reaper x PDN. The Naga Smooky Rainbows then grew green true leaves with purple venation. A few of the 7JPN and Sepia Reaper x PDN seedlings went...