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    THP needs YouTube subscribers...

    #20. If you'd like some content, perhaps I can help. Send me a DM.
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    Desi defeats the CGN21500: [MEDIA]

    Desi defeats the CGN21500:
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    video Kyle takes on the WhyNot F2 (Jays PGS x White 7 Pot)

    This is a very unique and sneaky chile pepper.
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    video My friend Kyle takes on the SB7J

    you got it! These are a pinch better than my webcam videos of yesteryear arent they haha.
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    video My friend Kyle takes on the SB7J

    Haha unfortunately he can't taste very much as he bit 1/3 of his tongue off as a kid.
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    video Chocolate Lava x Reaper

    It's okay. I understand completely! He asked if I had anything close to ripe because he really wanted to try one, that's the closest I had haha.
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    video Chocolate Lava x Reaper

    So, I can't exactly handle the superhots like I used to. My friend Andy stepped up to the plate now by eating a Chocolate Lava x Carolina Reaper that I grew. Watch him take it on!
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    chinense Looking for better info on the BBG7

    He's also created some other AWESOME chiles such as the 7 of 9, which i believe is a BORG 9 x Brainstrain 7 pot. It's been my great white buffalo for years.
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    website Finally, some success.

      Thank you!!!
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    website Finally, some success.

    heh, I wish!
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    website Finally, some success.

    I saw what it really was like and it wasn't for me at all. Sweltering hot greenhouses? nah, I'd rather a sweltering hot kitchen!