sale It's come full circle.

I hope Patrick is still around because he accidentally crossed a Jonah with a Scotch bonnet sometime in 2013-14. I've been working with his SB7J pepper since that time to help stabilize it. The moment I've been waiting for is finally here.

I FINALLY made a sauce with my favorite pepper, and soon you'll see why it's my favorite. The SB7J is the most "gentle" superhot I've ever encountered likely due to it's scotch bonnet genetics. It naturally has a tomatoey raspberry flavor that works PERFECTLY with smokey chipotle, garlic, and red onion.

Now, you finally get to see why I love this chile so much with my "2 The Moon" hot sauce which you can purchase by clicking/tapping the picture or by going HERE.
Hey @patrick! You still have pet spiders? I think your spidey-sense alerted you of this thread! 😂🕷
I'm down to just one, a Poecilotheria metallica. This isn't her but she looks just like this.


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What would you say your thickest hot sauce is? The two I have are substantial, but I wouldn't call them thick. I don't always like a thick sauce, but it's nice to have one around.
Still loving the ultra low sodium. I ordered a 6 pack of milder sauces the other day. Mostly jalapeno and the Pueblo because i need some mild sauces and my own jalapeno harvest left much to be desired this year. All my jalas this year were far too mild.

I take your Taco Fuego and add 1 tbs of my super hot fermented mash to it.
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I got both the Pueblo based sauces, 1 BeeBomb and the jalapeno garlic (3 pack) this time. Love green jalapeno and garlic.

I had to go high heat for our selections, with the Lemon Laser Beam and the 2 The Moon. Haven't tried either yet. We might get around to trying those too, as I've probably become a little bias for sauces.. It's hard to look for a comparison when you find something you like.
I get bored with simple really fast, and there's nothing simple about the flavors of the sauces I've had from Pex.