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  • We don't need to "trade". if there's anything you want, just let me know and will send it your way. :)
    I'm really glad! It took a while, huh? well at least they made it.
    Is there anything else you'd like? :)
    Just the seeds, brother. thanks again! they'll be awesome growing. packing yours as we speak.
    Take care :)
    Got some Goji berries and Hawaiian Argyreia nervosa seeds. interested? :)
    Wow, thanks Rael... you're a good friend. I hope I could do something for you in return. just say the word.
    Oh that's wonderful! I couldn't remember which plants you had. I'm not picky... will take anything you're willing to share, and if not too expensive will take all... lol. was always charmed by the beautiful look of the Acacia trees. some are local here, but not available for me. actually, will also take any pretty looking plant you've got. I hope I'm not too much of ...
    Indeed they do. they're also extremely fast growers. just remember to give them something for the vine to climb on. do you have any Mimosa hostilis or Acacia species seeds you're willing to trade for/sell? I think it'll be excellent for me to start some soon.
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