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  • Don't worry, the comment got to me. I'm just not sure where will this comment get. :lol:
    BTW, found this online:
    Topsy Turvy - a doll with two heads attached to opposite ends of the same torso, one head is typically concealed by a dress when not in use
    OK... :shocked:
    If someone writes a comment on your profile, you need to comment on his/hers profile to reply. that's the only way that person would know you replied without checking on your profile after every comment. :lol:
    So... how's it going? ;)
    I'll be waiting for the photos BB. I've never seen Nagas as good looking as yours. I've got a folder of pictures on my PC of rainbow coloured chillis and your Nagas are definately in there :cool:
    Hi rainbowberry, Ive been outside this afternoon looking at my contest Nagas, be on the lookout sometime tomorrow as Im going to take some snap shots of awesome looking rainbow Nagas, I know your going to like the look of them!
    That looks great Woody. I have signed up and I can go and discuss Habs with Tuppy. You're going to be big Woody :) BTW I think I've registered twice as it's hard to see your e-mail address when you type it and I think the first time I might have given a non-existent, gobbledegook one.
    I know it really cheers it up with your little red chilli dancing up and down. I can see three of them now (probably will be seeing six later on though)and they all dance in time.
    Hello Big Man, I never knew about this feature either until C64 sent a message. It's good for us "like to idle chat and hi-jack posts people".
    LOL, it's probably myself... I haven't looked at all this since it has added stuff. You can even see who your last 4 visitors were. You know how I like to keep tabs on people.
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