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  • My name is Dave and I make a hot relish called Foo King....I am an Aussie originally from Adelaide and have started making my relish here in Calgary, Canada.....I have just opened our Australian office in Perth....check is out on
    We are supporting the Tasmanian Devil with the Perth Zoo through sales
    Like to hear from you guys as I will be opening up a manufacturing plant just south of Perth in the next 12 months and would like some tips on growing Habanero peppers.....
    Hi chilliman Mind if i join up Aussie Pod Growers im just starting to get into growing this year
    jerky is brilliant mate. Like i was saying to hippyseed last night on msn - you're a friggin genius at this stuff....he agreed.

    Whats required to make a 'pain' flavoured jerky?
    nah didn't get their moy, I went last year and it was sensory overload! I'm thinking of upgrading next year or the year after - I've heard tell of the replacement for the VTX - apparently Honda are bringing out a 1500 and a 2000cc cruiser, though I don't mind the big Suzi with the phat 240 rear, a shame about that ugly headlight though, otherwise it's a damn fine looking machine.
    Hey mate, did you get to the motorcycle expo at Olympic park a few weekends ago??

    I was there on the Saturday and was like a kid in a lollie shop:lol:. I got heaps of stickers and had a great time.

    I got to see and sit on my next bike (I wish), the Yamaha 1900cc Roadliner. It's the next model up from my bike but it is a little out of my price range at the moment...
    Hey - Im Australian on my great-grandmothers side - can I get an invite?

    (Token Kiwi FTW)
    Hey Mate, I lllooooovvvveeeeeee my XVS1300 and i love cruisers. Yeah i did make it to the chilli festival at morpeth this year. It's alway a good time....Catch ya...
    Thanks man. I've been gone for a few days. I've kind of been slacking on the forum. Just relaxing and busy I guess. I was actually checking out your blog where you started your seedlings. I'm having a difficult time with germination. I only got my 7 pot, and White hab to pop up so far. I'm trying the paper towel method on the fridge now for the rest. I added a couple more pepper plants as well. Here's my list now. Bhut Jalokia, Naga Morich, Gold Hab, White Hab, Chocolate Hab, Peach Hab, 7 pot trinidad, trinidad scorpion, Puriana, Orange Lantern, Hanoi Red, and Cayenne. I hope my other method works. These seeds are!!
    Ok I got it to work. I work midnights and didn't check the!! Damn, I'm getting blonde or something!
    Hey, Chiliman what's up? Long time no talk. I noticed I've got a friend request from you. That sounds pretty cool to me. However, I tried to save it and it didn't show anything. Did it work? So what have you been up to? I'm just getting ready to race this year, turkey hunting, and looking for some fresh morel mushrooms. I'm kind of!! Of course I just planted some hot peppers as well. I just planted the Bhut Jalokia, Chocolate hab, Scorpions, Naga Morich, Orange lantern, Peach Hab, 7 pod trinidad, and the White Hab. Man I can't wait!!
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