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  • Why? So you can screw with his comments again?

    Btw, what is his t-shirt size anyways? I'm always getting car shirts and stuff so i'll send one or two his way.
    yes, exactly. A thunderstorm. A big ass one too. And i couldnt sleep for shit last night so it sucks for me as well.
    Yeah, you look great too(as usual). I'm doing fine today. I'm leaving work early to drive 2 and a half hours to Avalon's graduation from her disciple school. And theres a storm as well. Gonna be a fun ride.
    As long as i know you're coming back thats what matters to me. Have a lovely evening as well, doll. Cheers!
    No pole dancing? Damn. How depressing. :lol:

    but seriously, i'm glad you're not. That kind of behavior really ruins people for me.
    Oh yeah. I look back on it and thank my lucky stars i didnt die that night. I also learned the whole "if you fuck with the bull you get the horns" thing too(with the bull being the 151 and the horns being a near death experience).
    Nope, not that time, thank God. It was bad enough that the grass i puked on when i was outside died and to this day nothing grows in that spot. Every now and then i'll ask Patty about the spot by the fence and she always tells me "nope. ground is still too polluted for shit to grow back"
    I drank myself to the edge of alcohol poisoning once. Thats was rough the next few days. A friend and i manged to polish off a fifth of 151 in about 40 minutes. We drank it so fast we got buzzed, then drunk, then super drunk, then almost completely sober, then finally super drunk and then completely and violently ill within 2 hours of finishing the bottle. And the final stage lasted the entire rest of the evening. I havent touched 151 since then.
    So theres a very good chance you didnt eat what may have sickened everyone else then. It really does sound like food poisoning though.
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