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    recipe-wanted DIY Taco Seasoning Ideas

    I agree with above. I gave up trying to replace the chile powder with home grown. I keep bulk chile powder from butcher and I like heavy on the cumin which is cheap from an Indian grocery. Onions and pepper from the garden or freezer. I use the same mix for fajitas but heavy on the...
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    seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)

    Sorry...missed the 2nd set of #'s 9505 5114 2676 1326 1755 41
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    seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)

    Just dropped the A Train package off at USPS tr# 950526761326175541
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    seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)

    Package received. I will go thru it this week end and get it out Monday hopefully.
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    seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)

    To be fair do not take 5 packs of seeds and replace it with 1 pack of bell pepper seeds. Good thing I have Moved/new garden but I'm coming back.
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    Welcome to The NEW Hot Pepper!

    Found my old grow logs, and dark mode does Rock! Thanks Boss!
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    seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

    Are we there yet! Moved into a new house and got a garden going but seeds are shot. Got lots of sweets and cherry toms but supers wouldn't take or were x's that resemble banana peppers.
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    Non-pepper related plant pics

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    Lacto-fermented chili pepper sauce

    No kimchi.  I do a lot of ferment veggies also.  Always have kimchi on hand.  I already got my baby choi going for this year in the GH.     My cucs always taste like seltzer water for some reason.  I use about 3 % salt or less even.  I use the old lacto juice to give them a kick start. 
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    Aji Amarillo hot sauce

        I froze a gal bag o AA's this past season...They are so good I hardly use the other peppers from the freezer for cooking.  I'm doubling the seedling count this year.    I was thinking a vinegar based with peaches for a stable sauce with some of the frozen pods I have left...maybe mix in...
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    Rairdog's Smoking, Drinking, Brewing, Cooking and Growing

    Smoked turkey and ham sliced for sammies   Turkey and egg noodles with sammies   My better version of Killians     Got some seedlings started for the cool weather in the Aquaponics. Brassicas (Bok, Chard, Kale), celery, spinach and lettuce.   Soaking some hots today in 1 to 10 hydrogen...
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    Winter Olympics!

    Anastasia Bryzgalova
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    I've never mastered a good mole or red enchilada sauce and just doctor up the canned stuff.  Chicken with green chilli's and cumin are one of my made from scratch dishes.   AND I like to microwave or quick broil enchiladas in serving portions instead of baked together....don't like the soggy...
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    Winter Olympics!

    Olympics Winter/Summer and snow sports are the only sports I watch.  Usually no overpaid SJW crybabies...except Lindsey Vonn..I think Mikeala will make her a distant memory...hopefully.   With a VPN addon to firefox I can stream every event on CBC commercial free and usually commentators aren't...