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  • Marc
    I have you on my trade list. I'll contact you as soon as I secure the Chocolate Devil's Tongue seeds Jim needs to grow them out first. I already have the yellows. Sweet!!
    Sounds great, I'll be starting my seedling this weekend and will go with the ones that I already have for this season. That said the hunt for next season's new species begins this weekend!! I'll continue to work with Jim on the chocolates and maybe we can do a trade later on. My god I'll need to start a list just to keep these dealing straight.
    And we thought that we had it bad with our fizzer Bianca. Good Luck Guys, your going to need it. 300km per hr winds.
    You back yet bro?
    I've got a pile of seeds sitting on my kitchen table with your name on them. Need your address again and I'll have them on the way.
    Take care
    Marc, if you happen to read this I need your address again. Thanks man. Hope you're having a great trip. Take care and stay safe.
    Ah ok mate, the thing with my hotmail account is that i check it maybe once a year :lol: Last check it had over 1500 new messages :D
    Nope! My mailing addy is

    Scott Langley
    P.O. Box 189
    Beresfield N.S.W. 2322

    Hey mate just wondering about the seed trading parcel, has it been sent yet? :cheers:
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