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  • Hey SS I got your package today!!! Holy awesomeness thank you so much. Cant wait to try some of these. Back to your chart of peppers :) Cant wait to try the powder and hot sauce of yours as well! What a great way to start the morning!
    The conversation I had to leave prematurely prompted a bit of research this morning. Is the following accurate?
    C. annuum = white flowers
    C. baccatum = white flowers with yellow spots
    C. eximium = purple flowers
    Once you've figured out the category of the flower do you have to wait for a pod to form or is there even further things you can do to identify the pla...
    Hey there SS. I just HAD to order the purple flash pepper plant. I know its an ornamental but I'm hoping your able to taste test it this year and let me know what you think. It was just looked to cool so I had to have it. Thanks for posting the link to where you got it. Don't forget...we need an honest opinion on how the peppers taste ;)
    Of all the things listed in my profile that's the one you opt to comment on! Or should that be two?
    I think I am sending this to the right person! I updated the bio/ interests in the profile so now you should have something to read!
    sorry about earlier. internet provider's on the fritz.
    about clark airbase. it's now a tourist spot and also visited by lots of business investors. it's become quite a hotspot in that area. very modern and still quite american. =D
    Thank you so much!! Hopefully I will have a pepper garden as extensive as yours one day.
    Hey SS I am hardening my plants and getting them outside, I want to get a pesticide with Spinosad. Is there a particular brand you would recommend?
    Surfer, I just wanted to say thank you very much. You really have been a big help to me this growing season by answering many of my questions as well as "hooking" me up with some fish seeds in exchange for the Tepins I had. I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with a newbie and wanted you to know that.
    Well, I tried the H2O2 and it seemed to work for a bit and then this fungus just kept coming back every time I watered the lil guys. Wasn't growing on the plants but rather on the outside of the containers. I finally just threw all the contaminated containers away today. They were the peat pots and easily disposable. Just kinda sux that I only got 2 tepins out of it. I hope they make it because they look kind of weak. Most of my plants look great it's only the tepins and the chocolate habs that seem to give me trouble. Oh well, it's my first year and I have a sharp learning curve! Thanks for the Fish seeds and the tips.
    Hey there SS, just wanted you to know that I watered the lil guys this morning and found 3 Fish hooks! Woo Hoo! Moved them right under the grow lights. Really looking forward to trying these peppers later this year. On a side note, having a hell of a time getting the tepins to take off. Had a fungus problem on the peat containers that I just couldn't seem to get rid of. I have a whopping two that sprouted out of 10 or 12. I hope you have better luck with them than I do next year.
    Just wanted to let you know that the Fish seeds arrived today. Do you think it's to late to start them? Should I wait until next year for these?
    Sh!t, are you up late or am i missing something? Probably on the lightening hey?
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