Jun 27, 1984 (Age: 39)
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Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lived in almost every state in the midwest but am currently residing in South Carolina. Love hot food. The hotter the better. Just got into growing super hots this year.
Favorite Food
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Beer or milk ifit is that insane.
Favorite Hot Pepper
not sure yet. The hotter the better.
Favorite Hot Sauce
Homemade habanero sauce, Dave's ghost pepper sauce
Favorite BBQ Sauce
sweet baby rays
Favorite BBQ Food
Ribs and chicken
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Damn Great Chili

1lb Jimmy Deans Breakfest sausage
2 lbs Ground Chuck or substitute other
2 cans of chicken stock (or beef)
3 cans of tomato paste
1 can Ro-tel
2 tblsp cumin
3 tblsp hot mex chili pwdr
1 tblsp garlic pwdr
salt and pepper
1 large onion
assortment of peppers ( I use 5 jalepenos, 1 habanero, and one bell)
1 fresh tomato
2 cups chopped mushrooms
2-3 cups chopped cilantro
1 cup lime juice

The best thing about chili is you can basically throw anything in there and let it simmer and it turns out pretty damn good. I've been making chili for years and beat out my moms as the household favorite. I don't like to get too hot because it tends to take away from the flavor.

Brown the sausage in a large stock pot. As it is cooking at all of the vegatables. As that is browning/cooking start browning the hamburger 1lb at a time. THis makes it easier to transfer to the overall chili. Season the hamburger with salt and pepper. Once it is done, toss in with breakfast sausage and vegatables. Add the cans of Stock, Ro-tel, tomato paste, lime juice, 1tblsp cumin, 1 tblsp mex. hot chili pwdr, 1 tblsp garlic pwdr. Simmer covered on lowl for 45 minutes. Taste and see what you think. Add another tablespoon of cumin and chili powder. Cook another 2.5 hours. Taste. Check seasoning. Add final spices. Cook another hour and it's good to go. The leftovers the next day taste even better!!
Grow List
Peruvian White Habanero
Bhut Jolokia
Thai Dragon
Thai Sun
Orange Habanero
chocolate habanero
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Butch T Trinidad Scorpion
Bih Jolokia
Hot Banana
Yellow Lemon Habanero
Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Red Pequin
Yellow 7 pod
Red Savina
Chocolate Habanero
Trinidad Scorpion
Trinidad Douglah
Dorset Naga
Caribbean Red Habanero
Seeds Wanted
Barrackpore 7
Aji Limon
Large White Habanero
Biker Billy Jalapeno
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Seeds Available For Trade
Naga Morich
Peruvian White Habanero
Chocolate Habanero
Yellow 7
Orange Hab
Bhut Jolokia
Caribbean Red Habanero
Trinidad Douglah
Dorset Naga
Anything Else
Bred venomous snakes for a few years.


My Kung Fu is better than your Kung Fu.