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  • looking 4 crazy hot seeds or dry pepper pods that would get me started i would luv 2 get my heands on sum from around the world im a newbie i thx you
    just wanna let you know that the seeds you sent me arrived safely and i'm gonna start sowing seeds. thank you again!
    Hey thanks a bunch for the seeds.Can`t remember what I owe you but let me know.My seed list will be out within a couple weeks and yes,,,i`m slow!Have a great 1 and talk to you soon. Rich
    Got your seeds today and and a big hanks to you!Let me know what you would like.I`ll have a complete seeds list online here by mid week.I`ve been swapping seeds including yourself,,,,,thanks a bunch and if I have anything growing you have interest in let me know. Great year to you Rich
    Hey got your e-mail and sorry for the delay.With all the snow we are swamped here.Would love a few seeds.When this season is over i`ll be glad to return the favor

    Rich Hickey
    5145 Taylor Creek Rd
    Those sound cool, I would like to try a few!

    David Wilkinson
    16474 Riva Ridge
    College Station, TX 77845

    Thanks, David
    Hey SV, i have some spare Chocolate 7-Pod/Douglah seeds here if you are interested. Pm an addy if you would like some ;)
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