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  • Your posts are awsome, have enjoyed your experience to my own! (although you may be slightly braver *or insane) have you checked out Chillisgalore?? we are here in the UK trying to promote the goodness that chillies bring to the everyday lives or the mortal!
    dude keep up the good work, the trinidad scorpion was a pleasure to watch! he he you are a HERO! amongst the uk...
    hello here again, round and round i go.. where i stop nobody know's.. well yes keep coming back here.. will try click something different
    Its the weekend. So, I'm wishing all the friends on my profile sunny days. Good growing and be safe.. bd1965/Paul
    Its the weekend. So, I'm wishing all the friends on my profile sunny days. Good growing and be safe.. bd1965
    Hi Neil,
    Cool finding you on here. I started watching your videos on Utube.. I wrote once and asked how to order from you (not knowing how to do the PayPal thing. Well, figured it out this weekend. Whew! I'll be contacting you in about 10 days to order...COOOOl!
    well your season and my season are the opposite its spring here and fall over where you live. hinklehatz is a heirloom habanero pepper founded in pennsylvania the pennsylvania dutch german people(i am one) kept this hot pepper with us. the cappuchino habanero was found growing in my friends farm about 30 min drive to get to him it was a cross of red hab and chocolate hab. the peach hab and mustard habs are also his creations. Peach is a mix of orange hab and red hab. and mustard is a mix of orange and chocolate hab. i am happy to trade some others just dont have any to trade on the habs currently. used up all my stash on those. maybe i can send you a pod to try this fall well spring for you there are some things at your store that i want but cant affored. i can spare a few hinklehatz seeds i you give me something i realy want
    hahahahaha Captn cheered me up..

    coool xcsports Hinklehatz sounds like a german Omm pah Pah band and the others sound cool too, can wait as Not planting any till dunno, don't think many Aussies will be using lights this winter as our electricity prices just went up 25% and going up again, if mrs seedco see's HID lighting, will hit the roof so will prob wait till spring and Plant
    i think this might cheer you up also. august/september i'll have some peppers to trade to you. peppers like Cappuchino Hab, Pink Scotch Bonnet, and Hinklehatz. and right now i can give you seeds of wild brazil a wild tepin from brazil and wiri wiri a tepin from jamaica
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