2 iowa boxes,17$ each(one left closing at 430 today)

jrhawaii said:
I might be interested in one of your medium boxes you got coming up next week.
thanks for the interest Ed.you would not be disappointed
The last box is locked and loaded,It's going for a trip on Tuesday.Either to a refrigerator near you or some people, I owe my schooling to.
I head to work at 515am.If you want the box please close this thread by stating your desire and pm me your name and address so I can label and ship.,When I get home at 430 pm I will close and ship to plan B.thanks guys and gals
That baseball size TS is worth the price alone just for seed stock
buddy said:
Randy's peppers are the best that you will ever find!
Buddy i counted up sent and received slips from my small grow in 2015.Florisa(mpicante) beat you by 1point.She is getting the killer box with a giant ^TS.
 You are next on my freebies for 2016.Besides your fermented sauces are so good I want to keep huge fresh pods in  your grasp
Wow thanks! Looks incredible. Can't wait to dig in. I've been lurking for a while but never signed in. I bought a bunch from wicked mike about two and half months ago. That was my first real foray into super hots aside from a reaper I tried last year. I love them, can't get enough. Looking forward to that delivery!
Yng said:
So sorry it's not actually my first but my second box of pods. I'm still a newbi though:)
YNG you can't go wrong with Mike.There are several people on this site I wish had air miles to afford a trip to visit.Wicked Mike's would be on that list.