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2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

I have wanted a garden for awhile now. So Sept. 2013 I picked out a spot and started working on my spot.  All the rest is history.
My grow list... Since I was skeptical about starting seeds I ordered plants.  Hopefully I will start everything myself next year.
A Picture of my Garden spot.  It is about 21' x 27'

And my soil test....
Too bad they stripped all the leaves off my brocolli (which was done anyways...) they are hungry man! They will not have free reign this spring. Maybe when the plants get bigger... maybe.

So I'm cutting about 3000 sq feet of sod tomorrow to make room for my new garden. May God have mercy on my soul this summer.

Pics will be abundant. Might start doing some YouTube vids.


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JoeFish said:
Too bad they stripped all the leaves off my brocolli (which was done anyways...) they are hungry man! They will not have free reign this spring. Maybe when the plants get bigger... maybe.
Oh, yeah, I guess they could be bad for winter greens.  I've been thinking of growing kenaf, primarily for compost biomass, but I've also read the leaves are a high protein source of food for chickens.  I don't have any chickens, yet, but it's good to think ahead.
I've had zero luck finding commercially available kenaf seed.  Lots of places seem to have carried it at one time, but no longer do.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the similar appearance of many varieties of kenaf to pot.  There are varieties that don't have that problem and that's what I'm looking for.  Everglades 41 is one.  I had started putting together a seed request for ARS GRIN, but their website stopped loading for me.  Don't know if it's down or what.  Hopefully it will start loading again soon.
JoeFish said:
Did some prep today. 30x50 of premium side yard turning into a plant paradise.
That's a nice chunk of garden space.  I look forward to seeing how it develops.
Wow... that is amazing stuff. I know that pot has a complete protein profile. If you run across some seed I would defiently plant some for my chick chicks.

I will look at ARS GRIN and see if it loads for me.

My new spot will be a bermuda nightmare but I have done it before so at least I know the battle I've signed up for.
Nope. Will not load...


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ARS GRIN is back up.  Very many of the kenaf accessions have no info on leaf shape, so I'm sure I'm missing some promising possibilities, but I have a list of about a dozen varieties.  I'll work on composing my request and get it in queue soon.  I'll be happy to share some seeds with you.
There's something satisfying about digging up a bermuda clump or runner and getting the whole thing.  Because you know if you leave even a tiny bit, it will come roaring back.  I think solarizing w/ black plastic works, too.
Awesome Sawyer! I got some research to do myself.

Nothing quite like snatching a bermuda runner about 10 inches deep and beating your chest like a crazed lunatic!

Wow, that is a lot of land!  Here is an idea.  What if you create your own golf hole right down the middle of your land.  The rough can be all peppers and whatever other stuff you grow.  Then, while you maintain your garden, you could also be working on your golf game.  Just a thought.  :party:
JoeFish said:
Thanks Penny it's going to be alot. Hope I make make it.

That reminds me I need to charge that up for my 3 year old.
Its quite a space but I'm sure you'll do fine :) and those battery operated cars for kids are a god send, we have the mini cooper for our grandson and when that one runs out of battery, he hops on his little atv he has here.
Cant wait to see some pics when its all planted out.