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2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

I have wanted a garden for awhile now. So Sept. 2013 I picked out a spot and started working on my spot.  All the rest is history.
My grow list... Since I was skeptical about starting seeds I ordered plants.  Hopefully I will start everything myself next year.
A Picture of my Garden spot.  It is about 21' x 27'

And my soil test....
Shitty germination has stopped me from posting anything new.

Nearly every seed I started from my last seed order hang come up yet... including the seed i got from Sawyer.

I tried a new way to germinate and I believe I cooked them. I put them on top of my 8 bulb t5 in plastic containers so... I guess I learned a hard lesson this year.

Off to a late start and wasted time and money this year. I will try ad save the ones that did make it. Looks like jals, bells, and brown paper sacks this year.


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Too bad about your poor germination results.  I can replace most of what I sent you before.  I've also got a couple others I meant to send.  PM me.
There's still plenty of time to start.  I started on Feb 18th last year and plants were plenty big enough when it came time to plant out.  I'm even later this year; starting seeds this weekend.  I wouldn't want to push it much later, but May is still a ways away.
Glad to see you up and running! I love Baker Creek seed as well.  I didn't see anyone answer you on the Scotch Bonnets (maybe they did and I missed it), but I do not think those are Scotch Bonnets.  I've looked at the same peppers in their online catalog.  I think they are Jamaican Hot Mushrooms.  The thing to check out is the stem having ridges and how big the calyx is.  Those look more like annuums, I believe.  Whereas, if you look at a Chinense, you'll see a smooth stem and calyx as well as a smaller calyx.  I've learned this all the hard way by growing Jamaican hot mushrooms and thinking they were scotch bonnets.  
Awesome work on your yard.  I love that you've got chickens.  Man that's a lot you've got going on!  It's awesome!  Sorry to hear about the latest germination troubles.  I hope it turns around for you.


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How are things going over your way, Justin?  Got anything planted out, yet?