event 2019 NW Campout- reservations are open!


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I hope I got the right dates, September 6-8
I just checked and reservations are open.  Hopefully those who want a yurt can jump on it soon. 
I just reserved all the spaces so none are available. muhahhaahahha! SL must send 1 million dollars no make it 2 million dollars, to free up those spaces!!! Muhahahhaha. All your yurts belong to us.. :P
I just kidding SL, hope the turn out is great and everyone has a good time! Cheers!
Well, when you don't show up to camp, we'll just squat in your paid spaces.  :lol: 
You are welcome to join us, you know....
For new folks, here's links to the Kanaskat-Palmer state park near Seattle. 
It's on again!  Northwest Chilefest Chileheads Campout at the
Kanaskat-Palmer State Park
September 6-8, 2019
Weather is still good in September, and if there are burn bans in the summer, they are usually lifted by mid-September.
The rest of the info is the same.  We get campsites in the #24-#27 area, and a couple people have dibs on the 2 yurts across from the bathrooms.  We'll have lots of room and some big picnic tables for the Saturday potluck at the double yurt site.
If anyone wants a yurt, it should be booked soon.  I already have campsite #24. 
Also, some of us are staying extra days just for a more relaxing weekend.  I'm coming in Thursday and staying to Monday.  
Those who live in the greater Seattle area are welcome to day-trip.  Come on out Friday evening, all day Saturday, or Sunday.  Sunday morning is breakfast and Bloody Marys and we usually have an antenna and TV set up for the Seahawks game.   
It's a family friendly event and the state park is a great place for kids.
Please post here with questions and comments.  Let us know who's coming, let's talk food, and other details.
:dance:  Always fun!
Check out previous years' threads in this forum section for other stories and pictures.
It's always been open to all. The more the merrier. :Cheers:
Alright, CaneDog!
Regarding yurts, I would like to share one
with somebody this coming campout. I haven't
checked their availability yet.
Hopefully someone sees this-
I deleted (not on purpose!) a bunch of messages and our food topic was one of them. 
Who all is coming and what are we doing for food Saturday at the potluck?  If someone has the conversation, maybe you could link me back in? 
I'll probably do eggs, hashers and rashers for Sunday.  Or- Walt, do you wanna do sausages?
Hey all! Nobody needs to worry about wood for camp fires, (providing no restrictions) I will have a bunch of oak dunnage from work. I am going to set my camp up with popups and tarps. I have reserved yurt 17, which is in a good location and layout for setting up the banquet. After last years setup, I have ideas to make it better. Will need tables and chairs of course.

Wendy and I will be bringing the following:
Spinach dip
Banana pudding
Satan's Cheese ball
Sunday breakfast sausage
Homemade spicey dill pickles
A few canned gifts
Homemade wine

We may have a some family joining us, a 12 year old great niece and a close friend of hers. She likes spicy stuff, takes it better than I do. Her mom may also attend, we haven't confirmed yet.
I have also gotten a co-worker interested in this campout, he likes hot stuff and made some killer beef jerky he shared at work.

Our pack has grown, we now have a Basset hound named Willie. We will be setting up the x-pen to keep everyone well behaved.

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces and enjoying some good food and conversation.
That sounds great, walt. I'm bringing a big pot of pork and beans made with big chunks of smoked bacon from Hanks, some chipotle dip, chips, potato salad, bunch of sauces.....
I can bring a table if you think we need it. Maybe Jacen can bring his fold up table and bench.
As of today, wood fires allowed in designated fire pits.
Hello all looks like I will be out as a day stripper for Saturday w/friends. I know the level of heat at this and my friends think they are up for it.
Day stripper...lol...no nighttime stripping? :lol:

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
It Went!  But, in true THP fashion....No Pics, Never Happened.  :lol:
We only had 3 camping sites, and no day-trippers.  There were some pretty epic thunderstorms all weekend, something like 2000 lightning strikes in 1 hour in the Seattle area Saturday night.  My kid and a couple of his friends camped for a night, Walt had his camp all set up with big tarps so that's where the food happened, watched the Seahawks squeek out a win by cellphone streaming on Sunday....
Pretty relaxing for me, good to see folks, wished we could of seen a few more, but...there's always next year!