event 2019 NW Campout- reservations are open!

No kidding. How am I supposed to know
what happened and who was there if there
are no pics?
Sounds like it was a bit wet   :rolleyes:
salsalady said:
It Went!  But, in true THP fashion....No Pics, Never Happened.  :lol:
We only had 3 camping sites, and no day-trippers.  There were some pretty epic thunderstorms all weekend, something like 2000 lightning strikes in 1 hour in the Seattle area Saturday night.  My kid and a couple of his friends camped for a night, Walt had his camp all set up with big tarps so that's where the food happened, watched the Seahawks squeek out a win by cellphone streaming on Sunday....
Pretty relaxing for me, good to see folks, wished we could of seen a few more, but...there's always next year!
I would have loved to have been there.
I love thunderstorms.
And lightning.
Next year.
Road trip.
Here is one.......it happened.......


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2020 reservations are open!  look for a new post~