$3 Superhot Plants in Los Angeles

I went by Sunset Nursery on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised at the $3 Superhots. Talked to someone there about the plants and he said they also have 7 Pots on order (!)

Call ahead to see if they have those 7 Pots, or as the guy called them, '7 Pods.'

4368 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 661-1642
I take my bicycle/train out to L.A. twice a month or so. I've taken plants home from this Nursery on the back of my bike.  :lol:
Pash,h and h nursery carries the same varieties and a couple others. Might be closer to you,also some nursery in cerritos had an even better varity of superhots, cant remember the name.
I go to this one every time I go to my dentist. Great prices. Although I wish they would stop adding one variety at a time and just put them all out. Less trips fornme