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3rd Annual Secret Satan!

Too early to start the 4th Annual Secret Satan?
Crazy Monkey,

Not that anyone asked, but thought I’d share a relative story while I have the platform to do so.

Many years ago, while serving on the board of our local Fraternal Order of Police lodge, I came together with my peers to create an annual “Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation” event. At our lodge, we sponsored a large party, food, beverages, door prizes etc. complete with some entertainment. It started very small at first, but each subsequent year, attendance would increase significantly.

The fifth year, we came close to reaching maximum occupancy for the building we had. So, we were a bit nervous about the next event, even considered renting a larger venue for the next year.

This next year’s event planning fell to me. I don’t recall how or why, but it was “my” show. I was able to get scores of really good door prizes – restaurant meal vouchers, hotel stays, concert tickets etc.. oh man was I proud! I killed it getting prizes. My official role at the time was lodge “Secretary” (charged with all things administrative/clerical) and I was also the Editor of our monthly newsletter. For a year, I hyped up the event, billing it as our “Fifth Annual Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation party.” I had help creating the flyers, even someone made nice large banners. The event went off without a hitch, we barely made the legal occupancy limit, but all went well, everyone was happy, and I had scored great points with my peers. Actually had more prizes than attendees, Pulled tickets twice. A total success!

A month later, I was contacted by a photographer that had attended the last two events and she informed me that we had two “fifth annual” events. Oh, my embarrassment. The last two event pictures showed banners touting “Fifth Annual Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation party.” I had a conundrum. So, I just “owned it.” The next formal meeting, I told what had happened. No one could criticize it so much, as everyone had a role/knowledge of the happenings. I proposed that we name each subsequent event as the “third fifth” annual, “fourth fifth” annual event etc.. but was shot down by member vote. So, it has gone on these many years to date in real number. Don’t know the count currently.

That all being said, I am proud to claim that I was the mastermind behind the “Second Fifth Annual Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Party” in Charleston, SC. True story.

THP, keep count! :cheers: