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tv A&E TV Show about Neighbor Interaction

Neighborhood Wars on A&E

I stumbled over this show while channel surfing this week. Each episode has segments that run the gamut from a neighbor filming a cruiser driving off & the women saying "The police are leaving after responding to my neighbors complaint of a wild pool party." as she pans to her kids & sister sitting in lawn chairs with their feet ankle deep in a kiddie pool to a Jack Nicholson "Here's Johnny!" scene replete with a machete wielding man hacking a hole in their door but in this case the apartment owner opens up with a 9mm!

There's a bunch of season 1 in reruns right now with new episodes airing Wed. @ 10:00/10:30. ENJOY!:lol:
Sounds like a Tim Dorsey book

Most of Dorsey's novels feature Serge A. Storms as the primary character. The character has several coexisting mental illnesses that render him obsessive, psychopathic, schizophrenic, and frequently homicidal

Yea, I can see the correlation.