flavor A question of taste

I thought it was my imagination. I recently was sent some Devils tongue, naga Morich and Bhut jolokia. I had been reading all of the posts about how great they taste so my friends and I split the pods up and tried some. yes, we were chicken and only ate pieces of them. I had about 1/4 pod and the rest had less than that. Certainly they were hot but they were also bad tasting. The Devils tongue was very bitter and the Naga just a little less so. Could that have been because of the shipping? They were dried out but I don't know if they were dried before shipping or during, would that have had an effect? I do like hot hungarians though, they have a nice crisp flavour to them with a light heat and the serranos I have are good as well. Haven't had any habaneros yet though.
Nail on the head. Naga's are quite nasty/sour tasting.
If you're going to make a sauce out of them mix some sucrose with it.
I never found Nagas to be sour or nasty, I find they taste sort of like a mix of hot apricots and green apples. Devil's tongue are usually fruity/citrusy like a fatalli but I never found them sour at all. Maybe it was the way they were grown or more likely the way they were stored/dried. I'd certainly give them another try, preferably fresh
Habaneros appear to be the most popular world wide ( I haven't tried them personally.. waiting for next crop that includes them ), so taste wise they must be good.

They're only popular world wide because people know "habanero" world wide. I bet ya 95%+ of the people that know the typical Orange Hab have no idea that there's also Red/yellow/chocolate etc Habs out there lol.. So true though.

I personally have enjoyed the taste of every pepper listed so far (even the ones people say they don't like) way more than orange habaneros.

Bhut Jolokias haven't been mentioned, I like the flavor of those. fresh or cooked. Its one of those peppers your either gonna love or hate though.

I'm not a big fan of brown superhots, If I were to compare them to a non-chile vegetable it'd be raw beets. :lol:
BUT, chocolate nagas taste delicious IMO :)