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  • I know, you we're showing her the new types that you will be growing the following season. Laying out the ground work for a major expansion of your operation!! That's OK…this is what this hobby does to us!!
    Your friend, Jack
    Hey buddy, your list is looking mighty fine!!
    I see you drove by today and no hi?
    Please don't be jealous, it's was never a competition to me!! Think of it as a partnership and to one day possess all the sexiest barn burning supers in the world!!! There is no way that either you or I could ever grow them all. That's why I'm so glad to see that you're growing some that I really like. This is the strategy that "hixs" I are going ...
    Don’t worry buddy, at the end of next season I’ll send you everything I have that you don’t…like I do with “hixs”. He complains that I’m causing him to spend too much time typing out all the new species. You just can’t win!!
    I'm glad you have some different ones from my list!! Give me something to trade for next harvest!! It's looking really good.
    Well my friend its call an obsession and develops into an uncontrollable desire for the next new thing. The bad news is there is no help for us…we're totally screwed!!
    Hey buddy, I see you have been peeking at my grow list. Well, I added a bunch of new stuff last night. We'll definitely be hooking up next fall too!!
    Hey ed just tried to forward info to you about seeds.Hit me back when you can.Trying to ship within 72 hrs. Rich
    Hey Brandon, things have been very hectic lately, will get you that seed list this Monday.
    Yes my seeds from japan come from the son of great man I served with.Stay in touch and will be glad to spread the wealth per say. Rich
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