"A Weber like never before."

grantmichaels said:
"A Weber like never before."
"BBQ changes forever!"
"It can smoke a brisket at a steady temperature for ten hours or sear the perfect steak in minutes. Weber is calling it "The Grill of a Lifetime."
"On April 6th Weber will reinvent the grill again ..."
looking forward to it
I don't understand, but cool!
Do you like multifunction fax/printer/scanners too? ... you know, the one's with drivers that all load up into memory and suck 500MB RAM for no reason ... or, the one where when your fax breaks, you lose your printer and scanner at the same time? ...
Haha ...
It's okay if you pop the new Weber next to the WSM, lol ...
This is all I could find...
Seen pellet mentioned but don't think so! Ceramic or insulated steel. I think Weber will go ceramic due to the hype campaign. Steel, they'd just release it.
Weber now owns iDevices/IGrill. Talk is maybe they installed controls w/Bluetooth capabilities. Smokey picture shows a kamado design with box on side. Maybe a pellet pooper combo with convection fan like the new traegers?
Wimpy69 said:
Smokey picture shows a kamado design with box on side. Maybe a pellet pooper combo with convection fan like the new traegers?
Nah there isn't the same type of hype around pellets, the egg style cookers are in right now with yuppies, weekend warriors, moms, JayT. And this is a hype campaign. Expect to see the campaign expand on the 6th after the reveal.
Yeah. I think it's going to be a kettle-style Akorn, hopefully with some critical design improvements/considerations, in exchange for what will surely be some additional cost over an Akorn ($350 or less, consistently) ...
It's probably just my next Akorn grill, but I hope they have designed it with an aftermarket in mind, is all ... that it's mod-friendly ...

Like, an in-house pellet-mod would be a great start ... but what about steam/humidity injection too? ...
What if it's a gas egg? lolzzzz okay no blurry tanks seen...
I don't know I'm thinking it may be ceramic. Grill of a Lifemtime means a hefty price but one worth it, like the way ceramic eggs are marketed. Instead of the egg design they are using their patented kettle design (sam thing lol). Looks like they are giving you a nice workspace around it so you don't have to build one.
Thinking ceramic kamado cooker with no mods needed.
The rumor mill seems to think it's a Green Egg/Primo rival. Here's a post from one of the BBQ forums:
From a post on The BBQ Brethren:
I work here as a BBQ sales rep:


Early last week our rep showed us the video run down of what Weber is announcing on April 6th. If you're a charcoal lover, I'm confident you'll be excited.

Weber is going after the high-end / premium charcoal market (Green Egg, Primo, etc.)

It is NOT ceramic. It is NOT a pellet grill. This is done the "Weber" way.

Pricing - $1,999CDN / $2,499CDN depending on the model that you choose.

If this works anywhere as good as they say, I haven't been this excited for a Weber grill in a long time.

That's $1500/$1883 US dollars. <gulp>