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AeroGro hydroponics shop indoor grow

I have ordered the new carolina reaper from Pepper Joe and thought I would start a grow log.

Since I'm waiting to recieve the seeds and germinate them, I will show everyone the peppers I currently have growing.


From left 2x banana; 2x TSBT; 1 Yellow Bhut; 2x Naga; 2x banana ( seeds from Pepper Joe)

TSBT; Yellow Bhut; 2x Naga

The next plants were started from seeds given to me by a customer.

Don't remember how old they were in this pic.

Here are some pics of these guys around 3 months.

I'm new to growing peppers, so I have no idea what types of peppers these are lol.

If anyone lives near Champaign, IL I will have extra seedlings and pods (when they're ready) for free.

Thanks for looking.

I was having problems with root rot. I used a whole liter of H2o2 in a month and added a second air pump to get it under control.

Yesterday I switched from H&G's Aqua Flakes to Dutch Master gold base with zone. DM zone will not allow bacteria to live in the res and will get rid of the majority of problems people have with dwc's.
what is the res solution temp? that might be your issue, it was mine. once i got the temp below 75F the roots exploded with growth. also just my experience its easier to for solution changes if you punch holes the size of the air line in the side of the buckets so when you pull out the basket its just the basket not the hose and stone. and i use AQUASHEILD at 15ml/gal and have had no issues with slime root rot or anything and my plants are outside.
Yes it was more than likely the res temp that was causing the problems. For res changes I have a couple extra buckets that i just fill with new solution and swap the old buckets out, so having the air line and stone come up with the bucket is easier imo. Here is a pic of the set up as you can see I'm only using a small clip fan.

It has been 2 days since i added DM zone and all the root rot is gone. That stuff is amazing I have had res temps in the low 80's without having any problems using Dutch Master Zone.

Since I forgot to add pictures of the store in the OP here they are.



I got my Carolina Reaper seeds in the mail yesterday.

12 seeds came in this pack, thanks Pepper Joe!

I started them along with 7 pots and peter peppers in some rapid rooter plugs.

Transplanted most of my plants in the last week. Just got some advanced ph perfect in the store and I'm excited to try it out, went with coco as the medium.


I kept 1 of each strain and the others guys will make their new home at our other stores.


I also transfered all the new seedlings into coco and dwc.

The 6 in cups on the left and the one in the left dwc are Carolina reapers, the right dwc is a 7 pot and the 6 in the cups on the right are 7 pots and peter peppers.
Bored at work today so I thought I would update with some pics.


bottom row: peter, butch t, 7 pot, reaper top row: banana, peter, yellow bhut, reaper


left reaper right 7 pot


These guys are getting loaded with pods.

Just waiting for them to ripen so I can enjoy.

Thanks for looking.
I'm feeding the ones in pots advanced ph perfect sensi grow and cal mag, I also layered in a bunch of mykos mycorrhizal into the coco medium.
The dwc's are getting dutch master base, zone and cal mag.

The yellow bhut is doing the best so far, a lot of new growth around the base of the stem.
Plants have really started to take off this month.


Bottom row: Butch T; Yellow Bhut; Reaper: Top row: Peter; 7 Pot; Peter; Reaper


One on the left is a Reaper one on the right is a 7 Pot.


The leaves on the Butch T are huge.

This yellow bhut is one of the nicest looking plants I've grown, it looks like there are seedlings growing up from base.

close up pics of the yellow bhut.


Larger plants are in the tent,from left serrano, banana x 2

The small guy in the middle is around 7 weeks and has started to produce.

Serranos are producing like crazy and some are starting to cork.

Sorry for the quality on this one couldn't get enough light for a good pic had to use the flash on the camera phone.

Thanks for taking a look.
9th picture up from bottom..... That is my favorite stage for chinense plants. Growth is stacked on top of itself, and leaves are immaculate! Very nice work.
9th picture up from bottom..... That is my favorite stage for chinense plants. Growth is stacked on top of itself, and leaves are immaculate! Very nice work.

Thanks, I have to agree with you that stage is is when these plants look the best. The serrano plant is the one that survived after the tall guy snapped. I've had to keep cutting it back and added support so hopefully it will stay upright.

Just beautiful.


Cardinals Win 8-0! 12 in 12 Baby! Nice pics brotha!

That's a winner! Next up NLCS, we got this.
That's a winner! Next up NLCS, we got this.

If I had more confidence in my team, I would say you have no chance, but after our dismal showing the last two days, I guess anything can happen, including a Cardinals win.

What happened to the plants in the last pic? too much top weight and they snapped?
Yeah the plant didn't end up splitting until it was 3ft tall, then once the pods started to come in it didn't have enough support. It was my fault I saw it coming and just procrastinated on doing something about it.

To bad about the Reds was hoping to play them next, but now you can cheer for the Cardinals lol.
Plants are slowly starting to get to big for the space, going have to figure out how to make more room shortly.

Had to remove the banana I had in a dwc to make more room in the tent.

Back row: serrano, peter, banana left dwc: reaper right dwc: 7 pot

Most of these guys have split.

back row: 7 pot, peter, reaper front row: butch t, yellow bhut, reaper

Butch T

Yellow Bhut


Thanks for looking and GO CARDINALS!!!
Thanks, I'm amazed by that plant. It is by far the nicest looking plant I've ever grown. Under those leaves there is a jungle of new growth.

Tough to get a clear picture under the leaves, but here is the base of the stem were most of the new growth started.
Wow.....I don't know how I missed this one, Nice photos with excellent progress. It goes to show those in disbelief that you can produce peppers indoors.. Good luck through the rest of the grow...