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AeroGro hydroponics shop indoor grow

I have ordered the new carolina reaper from Pepper Joe and thought I would start a grow log.

Since I'm waiting to recieve the seeds and germinate them, I will show everyone the peppers I currently have growing.


From left 2x banana; 2x TSBT; 1 Yellow Bhut; 2x Naga; 2x banana ( seeds from Pepper Joe)

TSBT; Yellow Bhut; 2x Naga

The next plants were started from seeds given to me by a customer.

Don't remember how old they were in this pic.

Here are some pics of these guys around 3 months.

I'm new to growing peppers, so I have no idea what types of peppers these are lol.

If anyone lives near Champaign, IL I will have extra seedlings and pods (when they're ready) for free.

Thanks for looking.

Thanks for the bump.

Here is the 7 pot, it didn't grow as tall as the reaper or Bhut, Haven't noticed any pods just yet, but flowering like crazy. In person this is the best looking plant I have.


Bhut this guy has started to produce like crazy. Everytime I look at it I find new pods starting.


Just one litlle section of what this plant is doing.

Next up is my Reaper.

After watching countless numbers of flowers fall off, I'm finally getting pods!

I've found 3 so far. They are tiny and it is was a little difficult to focus on my camera phone, but here are the close ups.



This Reaper is just a tad bigger than the Bhut and probably has 2-3x as many flowers and buds. With some more luck a lot of you guys in here will have plenty of pods in the mailbox to enjoy in the not to distant future.

Thanks for looking.
They are in Readygro moisture coco coir and I added Mykos mycorrihizal in layers. When they were in 3 quart pots I used a layer of hydroton to stop a little algea I was seeing. It is also a good way to stop fungus gnats.

When I switched to 7 quart pots that they are in now I didn't put a layer on top since I have to feed almost daily. The Peter? plants are still in 3 quart pots so they still have the layer. I need to transplant those 2, but I want to wait to see what the are before I do, cause I coud really use the extra room.
Hey lock,
Im doing my first indoor grow. Using coco coir at the moment. Everything is going well. Thank for answering jester's question. I was wonder if just coco would work out thru the whole duration. I also have some mykos. So will add at next pot up.
You peters do not look like the ones i grew outside this season, growth structural wise. And definitely the pods are not shaped right. I never had any that resemble a cayenne. They all had a head, being tucked in or out. Mine seeds were from pepperjoes.
Where did yours source from? Maybe a mix up. Hope the other plant grows true for you.
thank for sharing btw!
Yes coco will work throughout the plants life as long as you keep feeding it nutes every time you water. You can also get away with using smaller pots. My plants under the T5 are in 7 quart buckets and the not peters are still in 3 quart doing well.

I got the peter seeds from pepperjoes as well. Not to upset about them since I'm running out of room and now I can fit the 7 pot in coco in the tent. The main reason I wanted them is there are red hat ladies who eat at the restaurant next door and I was going to place them in front of the store window to see their reactions.

Scratch they are on 15hr 400watt HPS
Thanks for offer Jester, but I think I have a extra pack of seeds from pepperjoe at work. I will check tomorrow and let you know.
Ok just tell me. I was just thinking you might want them because those sure don't look like peters, and I was thinking you said those came from Pepper Joe? so maybe the ones you had got mixed up with something.
Yea, those peters,they actually look like cayennes that i grew beginning of the year. I got the cayennes from Pepper Joe, and the plant and pods looked almost identical.
Well the only seeds I have left were from the same pack that grew the cayennes. Jester I pm'd my address, thanks again.

I did find 2 packs of reaper seeds one unopened so if you would like some of them for trade jester let me know.

I have a question about Peters, do they grow completely different than that cayenne? The other one I have growing still hasn't produced a pod so I'm thinking it still might have a chance to be a peter. It does look similar, it is just lagging so far behind in producing pods.
They kind of grow like a jalapeno, but with a head on the end instead of a point. Long, but not as narrow as a cayenne type. They look a lot like, well....Peters...
Haha thanks scratch, I've seen the pics. I ended up throwing the one that didn't have pods yet out and repotted the one with peppers.

I moved the 7 pot in coco into the tent, then noticed that i didn't have room for the cayenne. I set it right outside the front of the tent and moved the light as far forward as I could.

No my T5 only has the reaper and bhut under it and it still isn't enough room lol.
all my peter peppers usually had a curl or sort of bend right before the flower.

I got your message I will mail your seeds tomorrow.
Ill see if i Have pictures of my plants around.
Feed all my plants today and it's easier to take pics when they aren't so close together.

Here are the 4 in the tent. The 7 pot in coco is in front and in the tent is a dwc 7 pot dwc reaper and cayenne in coco

Mostly the top of the 7 pot.

The reaper in dwc. I trimmed a bunch of leaves off this guy trying to save space. I will probably get rid of this soon I'm just running out of space.

Sorry for the hps lighting.

7 pot in dwc.

This guy has about 4 pods. It's not nearly as big as the one in coco but it's putting out pods and the other one hasn't yet.

My Yellow Bhut is getting loaded with pods to many to count. Put the chair in the pic so you can get an idea of its size.




My very 1st superhot is starting to turn colors, I'm excited!

I will put pictures of my big reaper plant in the community glog since I've hit the picture limit.

Thanks for looking,
Scott, I am so unbelievably jealous of your grow. Those plants are amazing! I can only hope to have a green thumb like yours someday. Keep it up!