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AHayastani's GLOG 2022


🌴 Welcome to my GLOG!

🌴 I have a small urban terrace garden where I grow mainly peppers in containers. My location is Chiapas, Mexico. The local climate is tropical with pronounced dry and rainy seasons. The temperatures can sometimes be too much for the plants to bear (especially around Easter), but in general they manage. The climate makes that I can grow peppers year round, although pest pressure is really high. Especially mites are a problem... I apply neem oil copiously, but it does not always work...

🌴 This GLOG will follow my 2022 pepper endeavours. Enjoy πŸ₯΅
Sadly, there have been an awful lot of fatalities. In March, it looked as if the rainy season would be arriving early this year and temperatures were on the low side, but that changed in April. Four weeks of very hot (35-40ΒΊC) weather, with winds that were strong, hot, and dry. The varieties that were sown in early March have survived rather well, but the plantlets look like cr4p. Varieties that were sown in late March have mostly perished. Yesterday, the first thunderstorms of the rainy season arrived and the plantlets already look much better. Winds are still strong, but are humid and cool now. It makes a big difference. The living versus the dead:

thp-var-20230502_175345.jpg thp-var-20230502_175352.jpg

A volunteer that popped up in a container. The ornamental curcuma died but the pepper survived. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't look much like an annuum.


Another funny story... Some seeds arrived! Look at the date 😬 . I've sown all varieties but only 1 (out of 8) germinated. Very, very confusing and conflicting data 😬.