baccatum Aji White Lightning Bolt

I'm starting this thread so if anyone is wondering what aji white lightning bolt is. I have added these seeds to the trump seed train and will be adding more to another seed train soon.

To those that do not know, last season I received some seeds from a seed train - THP member Bpiela.

They were labeled aji penec, but once they grew out we figured it was either a cross or possibly a mutation. (It's been racking my brain trying to figure out who the dad is.)LOL
Greatfully, we finally figured it out.

(Aji Penec X Aji Melocoton.)
These pods have there own unique shapes to them. They start off as a VERY light green and start turning an off whitish color, then if left long enough, they turn a creamish or very light peachish color. Some not all started to develop a purple hue to the pods only in the late season, around August or september +.
There's VERY little seeds in each pod. I have never noticed any soapy after taste in these. They have a great flavor and have medium baccatum heat.

I've never eaten either aji penec or aji melocoton, so I cannot compare them to this cross.

Below Are Some pictures snd some pods From the plant I grew this season.

cone9 said:
Lightning Bolt.   Cool looking pepper.
What happened to the Aji White Lightning Bolt? I remember this being a "thing" a couple of years ago but it seems to have disappeared from the news...
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