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Alex_K - 2021/2022

Hi! I'm Alex from Brazil!

Some old members might remember me... I make some seeds exchange here back in 2009.
Had about 40 pepper plants but after the end of the season they suffered from massive whiteflies attack and I lost mostly of them... frustrated I gave up on growing peppers plants but this year I decided to start again I bought seeds from TexasHotPepper, HRSeeds and MK hope this time to be successful.

Yeah my english is quite bad but I hope can understand each other!!! :oops:

For now my list is:

(C. chinense)

Naga BBG7 Orange
Big Olive Mama
Big Mustard Mama (gift)
Jays X Purple
PDN X Bonda Ma Jacques (White)
BTR Scorpion
Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion
Bleeding Borg 9
Papa Joes Scotch Bonnet
KS Lemon Starrburst
Pimenta da Neyde
Butch T X 7 Pod Jonah Gold

(C. annuum)

Murasaki Purple
Thai Hot
Buena Mulata
Thunder Mountain Longhorn

(C. baccatum)

Aji Amarillo
Aji Bodysnatcher
Sugar Rush Peach

(C. rhomboideum)
C. rhomboideum (My precious! :lol:)

Good luck for everyone!!!

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Sugar Rush Peach

Sugar Rush finally ripened and I was able to taste it...
It's interesting crunchy and spicy, I felt the sweet taste but in my case the sourness was predominant! 😐



Aji Bodysnatcher

The Aji Bodysnatcher is quite productive and has larger fruits, however, I think there was a loss of citrusy aroma compared to Lemon Drop.



Aji Cristal

Mild pepper but very productive! I will dehydrate and make chili flakes.



Baccatum varieties were the first to produce here! πŸ€”
Pimenta da Neyde

In the first attempt the seeds did not germinate, this was the second attempt and I managed to get 1 seed to germinate πŸ™‚



The same with Butch T X 7 Pod Jonah Gold, BTR Scorpion, Puma, Habanada and Naga BBG7 Orange from my original list, they sprouted only after the second try. Buena Mulata, on the other hand, I think that the seeds came all spoiled, as they did not germinate iven in (rockwool) inert/sterile substrate. πŸ™„
Anyway I have too many varieties here probably more than I can handle!!! πŸ™ƒ
All plants looking very nice, Alex.

I'm interested in seeing how the Aji
Charapita Iquitos turns out for you.
All plants looking very nice, Alex.

I'm interested in seeing how the Aji
Charapita Iquitos turns out for you.
Hi Paul!

Do you know the difference between Aji Charapita Iquitos and the "regular" Aji Charapita? Is it the size/format?
Not really, @Alex_K - I grew Aji charipitas a
number of seasons ago, but don’t remember
their provenance. That’s why I want to see
how the Iquitos do.
I noticed that Aji Charapita seems to have a slower growth compared to my others C. chinense, now we just have wait to see the pods! 😴

Great update. Are you having less pest issues at this stage?

Luckily I'm not having any major problems with pests, eventually some aphids or mites appear but everything under control I'm applying a diluted neem oil solution preventively twice a week and it seems to be working! What worries me now is the approaching winter, some of my chili plants are still small and I fear that the cold will stunt their growth I really hope that the winter will be mild here! πŸ₯Ά
some of starting to ripen...

The Aji Amarillo took forever to ripen!


Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion


Thunder Mountain Longhorn have a interesting shape



Papa Joes Scotch Bonnet and KS Lemon Starrburst... I loved the taste of this two varieties



Thai Hot very prolific as always



...and this is Jays X Purple totally off-pheno no purple in leaves or pods but I can't complain since it was an F2 it could be really anything! Its pods look like a small and smooth version of Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion and the plant is very prolific.






Not much today! πŸ™‚
Aji Amarillo look great.

What latitude are you at in Brazil?
So... My Bleeding Borg 9 ripened I waited another week and a half... nothing of the calyx starts to "bleed", pod started to wilt, I think it's not really the variety I bought.
Is this variety new and not yet stabilized or would the seller have mistakenly mixed the seeds? πŸ™„



Luckily I kept another plant as a backup in a small pot in case the main one dies for some reason and this one produced pods with a very different calyx, abnormally larger for a C. chinense.
The pods has not yet ripened so I don't know if this time it will be the true to variety I just hope so...