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alkhall 2024

Coming soon. Stay tuned!

100 plants.


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Impressive as usual, Al! Good luck with the new grow season!
Dropped seeds in today, a week earlier than I usually start.

Anyway, had to edit Tray #2 map; discovered I had listed Brain Collapse Peach in both trays, should been Brain Collapse Chocolate in Tray #2, and I always forget I need a spot for the heat mat temperature probe.

So here are updated maps reflrecting those changes, and the start dates filled in.

One might notice no dates for Super Sauce (tomatoes) because I need to wait at least a month to set those, or they will be way too big for the shelves before plant out.

I will try to update maps with germination dates and how many days it took to germinate on a regular basis.

Hope everyone has a fun and very productive 2024.

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Two weeks after start:

Tray #1 (2-11-24).jpg
Tray #2 (2-11-24).png

I did two seeds per plug.

"S" = day seeds were dropped.
"G" = day seed hooked.

Number in lower right corner of each cell is number of days it took for seed to hook.

Tray #1- 27 of 50 plugs have at least one seed hook after 14 days. 54%

Tray #2 - 25 of 45 plugs have at least one seed hook after 14 days. 55.5%
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21 days in:

TRAY #1 2-18-24.JPG
TRAY #2 2-18-24.JPG

Tray #1 - 74% have at least one hook, most have two, but I only count the first one.

Tray #2 - 82% have at least one hook. Two hooked last night.

So far, the Primo, Orion, Ghostly Jalapeno, and the Star Scream have been the only with no hooks. I will give them a few more weeks before abandoning hope.

A couple of sprouts have already lost their cotyledons, probably need to start potting up.

I will start tomatoes (Super Sauce) two weeks from today.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone's season is getting off to a great start.

ONLY 15-16 weeks until plant-out!

Stay tuned...
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Moved germination trays to under six-lamp fixture in preparation of potting up.

A few pics of lighting using Photone app:


This is 10 inches down and centered.

Lamps are:

2 @ AgroMax 6400K LED
2 @ Spectralux 6500K fluorescent
2 @ Eye Hotrilux FS+UV fluorescent.
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Looks like the peat pellets are working well for you, Al!
Potted up most (66 of 95). 50/50 mix of FFOF & FFHF, in 1 quart COEX pots.

I have several that hooked, had cotyledons, but never produced true leaves, and subsequently died. Not sure why, never had this many die.

Started but died:
2 @ Testanera
1 @ Chocolate NagaBrain
2 @ Hot Lemon Cayenne
1 @ Ghostly Jalapeno
1 @ Super Bhut JW
1 @ Bismarck
2 @ Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion
1 @ Joe's Long Cayenne

Quite a few never even hooked.

1 @ Red Bell
2 @ Star Scream
1 @ T-Rex Chocolate
1 @ Orion
1 @ Reaper X SRTSL
1 @ Primotalii
1 @ Joe's Long Cayenne
1 @ Ghostly Jalapeno
1 @ Bismarck
1 @ Genghis Khan's Brain
1 @ 7 Pot Primo Chocolate
1 @ CPR
1 @ Primo

Still have 1 @ Chocolate NagaBrain, 1 @ CPR/Primo 2021?, 1 @ T-Rex Chocolate, 1 @ Testanera Chocolate that have hooked, but are not looking really well, to pot up (if they survive).

I am going to try the Star Scream, Testanera, Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion, and Hot Lemon Cayenne again, when I start the tomatoes.
I'm having a bit of a hit and miss germination run this season,
as well, Al. Looks like you have a lot going forward, though :metal:
VERY nice looking plants, Al!
Yes, unfortunately I only have limited space and I always start way too many. By plant-out at the end of May, I will need to start giving some away to make room.
🤔 Hmmm... I would never do that...
Another two weeks have gone by, some more pics.


A few random examples:

Brain Collapse Chocolate


Poison Tail


KS Lemon Starburst (two plants)




Dragons Breath


CPR/Primo cross (saved seed from 2022 grow)


Scotch Brains (two plants)


Thanks for looking.

Hope everyone is doing well, and let's all have a great 2024 season!