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All Things Chicken Wings!

Good day all, 
I've just been searching for the I  LOVE WINGS! thread, and it seems to have disappeared! Is it so?!, what has happened to our famous thread of one of the greatest foods in existence?!
With that, I shall start a new topic on the subject. 
With my days off finally rolling around, and a hankering for some bbq. ALDI has wings for $7 per 2kg, so I decided to make some wings, ablated with my home-grown Carolina Reapers. I may have wondered down a bad road here...
Fukushima wings, Chernobyl chicken, whatever you want, I have screwed myself. 







And some honey soy BBQ wings for sane people
My favourite pieces are wings and drumsticks, followed by thighs. 
From KFC, the hierarchy is as follows: thighs, drumsticks,
wings and breasts. KFC for reasons not clear to this day uses hummingbirds for wings, while most other pieces are consistent with a chicken origin.
Wings 2 days ago at my Costco were $2.80/lb in the 6? vacuum sealed packs. I forgot to check the large bag of frozen wings they sell. Boneless skinless thighs were about the same.
What in the name of living shit has happened to this forum's layout? OMG had to use my notifications to find these cooking threads, and the thread list is in massive pictures instead of a list which makes finding things harder. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy :deadhorse:

Anyway, just maded some Buffalo wings yesterday, done different from the traditional way. I added a lot of bbq sauce for sweetness and flavour, so not really buffalo wings in the traditional sense.

Sauce with some of my Reaper powder. My folks wanted some aswell so didn't go full on nuclear. But, still hot, and the diarhhea chunks first thing next day didn't disappoint.


Give 'em some colour and flavour


Chuck sauce in and simmer for 60-90 mins until tender




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