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Another bumper crop of misery and anguish, here's to a productive 2023.

A long time ago, in a youth long shrouded in layers of dust, I convinced myself that I loved peppers. I loved eating them, I loved growing them, I loved nurturing them and seeing them thrive.

It turns out that I was wrong.

No compassionate being with even a shred of empathy could commit the gardening atrocities which I have rained down upon something that they love.

Last year's harvest was a small handful of peppers, so I'm clearly not doing this to sustain my family or for any nourishment-related activities.

It turns out that literally the *only* logical explanation is that I'm a psychopath, secretly relishing in the anguish which exudes from every plant that I touch. It doesn't feel that way in my brain, but I'm a man of science and the evidence is irrefutable.


Oh yeah. Bask in that desolation.

My aphid minions are finally claiming victory over the last of my black jalapeno plants from last year. The carolina reaper gets an honorable mention for holding out the second longest, but it didn't even produce a single pepper so it can rot in the most desolate part of Hades along with HOA members and people who write EULAs for a living.

Of course, now that the last of my plants can no longer provide me with the paindorphins that I need to sustain myself, it's time for a new crop.

I've dropped 5 Sepia Serpent seeds (I've had them kicking around forever, no clue how they actually look once grown) and 10 more black jalapeno seeds into some moistened paper towel, and I ordered 10 Trinidad Scorpion and 10 Dragon's Breath seeds from Pepper Joe's, and I'll get those going when they arrive.

Trinidad Scorpions were actually some of the first peppers that I tried growing, back when they were the hot new thing, so it'll be nice to get back to my roots, as it were.

A more educated man, being paid educated dollars to listen to my less educated whining, may even draw a link between the trauma caused by ingesting those peppers and my irrefutable subconscious urges to continue inflicting pain upon pepperkind.

I raise a glass with you all! To evil!
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It has been over 24 hours. The seeds mock me with their moistened silence.

I yearn for their screams but witness only their apathy.

They know not yet what perils await them.

I poke one with a knife to set the tone.

It doesn't react.


Soon they will all learn.

The Black Jalapenos seem to be taking the lead, but I've already tossed one of them for turning moldy and black. Two more 'might' be heading down that path, but I could just be overly suspicious of darkness equalling mold.

No sign yet of the other seeds I ordered, so hopefully they get here soon and I can get those going.

Stay tuned for the next riveting update, same Glog Time, same Glog Channel!
@Wulf, hit the seeds with a spritz of h2o2. Good for the seeds and might keep the mold at bay. Fingers crossed you don't get a Sepia Serpent bell pepper.:shocked:
Little Timmy took a drink but he will drink no more
For what he thought was H2O was H2O1.004

Sure, some of you may be thinking to yourself "God no Wulf, that's not how chemistry works when diluting H2O2 into H2O, that's not how it works at all!"

To those naysayers, I say "Nay" in return.


That didn't feel good, did it?

Now you know how it feels.

...I spritzed em. I spritzed em real good.

Welp. Most of the seeds are showing interesting progress.

I didn't wanna bust out the camera twice in one week so I just touched up my last photo to show the new growth.

I'm still a bit concerned about one of them but things are going well overall.

....I have an aphid on one of my plants.

Not one of the ones from this batch, and not one of the ones from my other batch. Just an unrelated, little 6 leafed sprout.

It even had a see-through plastic cover over it to trap in humidity.

So this motherfloral aphid bastard made his way across my living room from my dead plants, through the aphid equivalent of fort knox security measures, to suck on this gorram plant's precious juices.

I swear to Gaia, I need a fireproof home, a can of gasoline, and a match.

Just bring everything up to 2000+ degrees and start fresh.