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VtPepper said:
the way i see it if i die from eating bad pepers from the pickle jar at least i am gonna die happy doin somthing i love...

mate, I had salmonella poisoning about 2 yrs ago, it was not fun. I thought I was gonna die like Elvis - on the can! it was worse pain than any jaloproctitis or habanero burn.

I onther words, don't drink and pickle.....or cook chicken.

The store bought stuff has to be safer and more "preservative" than I would actually like, otherwise the manufacturers would risk huge lawsuits and recalls.
i will say that it was the most tender juciest chicken i ever had. althought i would never make that mistake again. i agree much better to be save than sorry. so in other words dont decide half way thru cooking your chicken that you want to go to the bar. we stuck it in the microwave for safty while we we gone so it would not over cook. then when we got home at 2 it was dark and we were hungry so we ate the chicken. very bad idea. i have to agree heavy drinking and cooking can lead to the worst hangover of your life
I always thought that when you "pickle" (whether its making pickles or pickling peppers) you use the big stone crock and let the peppers, cucumbers, or whatever in brine for 4 - 6 weeks then bottle them.....or if using "quick process" method curing them in vinegar for several hours and using quick process pickling mix then use safe canning method (water bath canning) to seal jars.......If you are not careful, food born bacteria and other bad things could develop....Here is a website I just found that discuss both methods......

Please be safe when you're canning or poisoning and other medical conditions are NOT FUN!!!!!!!

I do quite a bit of canning everything from fresh corn on the cob, corn niblets, peppers, pickles, home made jellies, my sauces, all sorts of veggies.....You just have to know how to do it and what canning method to use (water bath or pressure cooker)
cheezydemon said:
I think pickling and canning are two different processes that can overlap. I think that some rules of canning can be broken if you are just pickling. Most of us will probably eat the pickled product over the winter, stored for a couple of months in the fridge, not stored for years in a cellar.

Yeah, I've canned nearly 50 quarts of homemade salsa, and just this morning I've pickled 2 pints of peppers (omg i sound like Peter Piper), and the pickling is much easier. I don't know the shelf life of the pickled peppers, but they won't last long enough to find out. The only thing I did with the pickling was to make my solution and boil it for a few minutes on the stovetop, poured it over the peppers, inverted the jars for five minutes then righted them. The lids both popped down, but they're going in the fridge, anyway.

I still have two quarts of last years salsa I can't wait to dig into.
Yeah, I think that the fridge is probably the catch-all(or at least catch most).

How many people have olives, pickles, capers, peppers(commercial) or anything else "pickled" in the fridge that has been open for more than a year? I doubt if much of it is harboring dangerous bacteria because it is in the fridge.

It depends on the scale you are pickling on.....and your fridge space.
A minor update, I am eating some salsa made from the habs in hot pepper juice......DEAR GOD.

All of the flavor and heat still come through with a little twang from the juice.

Canuck and Scarecrow have already figured this out, but for any newbies like me, you have to cut the habs up. I put them in whole with just the very top and stem sliced off. They look really cool, but you can't get too many in because there is so much wasted space in the cavity of the pepper.